7 Best Articles for Improving Client Intake in Your Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - April 28, 2017
7 Best Articles for Improving Client Intake in Your Law Firm

Improving client intake is necessary for your firm!

Want to improve client intake in your law firm? These resources can help!

1. CRM of the Crop: Lexicata Represents a Step Forward in Client Intake

Over the past few years, legal technology has grown to an unbelievable level, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down! One of the most impactful ways technology is shaping the legal industry is through its ability to help lawyers manage both clients and leads. Use this article to learn about a CRM that is built specifically to help lawyers manage their clients and leads.

2. 5 Mistakes To Avoid At Client Intake

One of the most important, and sometimes overlooked aspects of being a lawyer is the ability to maintain a healthy attorney-client relationship. Use one lawyer’s experiences to discover why she believes initial consultations are just like first dates, and how to make sure your clients get a great first impression!

3. Improving Client Intake

There are a number of reasons why developing and using a client intake process within your practice management system makes a lot of sense. Follow this article to discover several quick and easy tips that will help your firm avoid conflicts of interest and reduce the risk of missing critical data.

4. Best Practices for Effective Law Firm Client Intake

Developing steady and repeatable processes to the routine aspects of a law practice is the first step to gaining a better understanding of the business. This is how law firms grow the number of cases they take on each month, and how firms can get not just more business, but more of the right business.

5. Apps to Simplify Client Intake

It seems every time you look there is a new gadget or tool that people are using for their businesses. If you go to a coffee shop or bakery, it isn’t uncommon for the store to use an iPhone or iPad when paying your bill. So why can’t lawyers adapt the same techniques? In this article, you will learn about different apps that will help make client intake a breeze!

6. 4 Things Missing from Your Client Intake Process

In many ways, client intake has been an overlooked aspect of the lawyer-client relationship. Most law firms don’t really spend much time thinking about it or trying to optimize the process at all. Read on to learn about four key things that may be missing from your client intake process.

7. 5 Things Every Lawyer Should Do During Client Intake

You’ve done it! You opened the practice of your dreams and now clients are starting to come through the door in droves. What do you do next? What steps should you take to protect your client’s interests, as well as your own? Here are five things you need to be doing to ensure that you end up with conflict-free, sane and most importantly, paying clients.

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