7 Best Articles for Running a Resourceful Small Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - April 7, 2017
7 Best Articles for Running a Resourceful Small Law Firm

Being a resourceful small firm lawyer just got easier with these great article picks!

In order to be a successful small firm lawyer, resourcefulness is a major component. We’ve picked the top articles for doing just that!

1.  Money Management: 8 Tips to Benefit Your Solo Law Firm’s Bottom Line

Are you worried you might run out of money before you get your next referral? Money management is one of the most stressful parts of running your own law practice, but it is an essential skill you must learn. This article offers money management tips that will help you avoid being surprised when you look at your bank account balance.

2.  7 Things Really Resourceful People Do

At first, if someone were to call you a resourceful and scrappy lawyer, you might be offended. But according to this article, it might actually be one of the nicest compliments that your peers can give. Follow this article to learn not only why you should try to be a resourceful lawyer, but get some great tips on how to actually do it as well.

3.  The 10 Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques

It’s not uncommon for lawyers to miss out on new clients because they waste time on the wrong marketing activities. There are countless articles out there offering advice on how to market a law firm, how do you know if the advice is any good? To help, here are some marketing techniques that have been scientifically proven to be the most effective. Read along and start revamping your firm’s marketing strategy.

4.  Becoming a Real Goal-Getter: 5 Tips for Setting and Reaching Goals

As a professional, it’s no secret that setting goals produce’s positive results. At some point along the way, we’ve all learned to set and achieve goals to get what we want out of life. Our professional endeavors as lawyers are no different. Follow this article to get great advice on how to not only appropriately set goals but how to go out and achieve them as well.

5.  Business Lawyers: How to be a Hero to Your Clients [Infographic]

According to a research study conducted by Avvo, 51% of small business owners said they haven’t hired a lawyer because they think lawyers are too expensive. Use this infographic to learn how you can be a hero to all of your clients by changing their perception of legal costs, helping them save money and avoiding future legal headaches.

6.  I Felt like a Wallflower at Lawyer Networking Events Until I Started Doing This

For some people, going around the room and networking with other lawyers comes naturally. But if you are like the majority of us, that is not the case. To help improve your confidence and overall networking skills, follow these five easy to implement tips and crush it at lawyer networking events.

7.  How Solos Can Survive on an Inconsistent Budget

One of the most difficult aspects of being a solo lawyer is the unpredictable income. This uncertainty is a reason why many lawyers hesitate to hang their own shingle. Use one solo lawyer’s experiences to gain insight into a strategy that helps make the financial peaks and valleys a much more tolerable.

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