7 Best Articles for Client Retention in Your Small Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - March 17, 2017
7 Best Articles for Client Retention in Your Small Law Firm

Check out the best articles for client retention in your small law firm!

Client retention is a must to maintain a successful law firm. These articles can help!

1.  4 Simple Client Retention Strategies for Law Firms

In terms of cost-effectiveness, it is much better to work with existing clients, versus marketing and trying to bring on new clients. But a large part of the process begins with finding the right client in the first place. Follow this article to learn more about finding the best clients for your firm, and how to retain them and all their future legal needs.

2.  5 Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Client Retention

Identifying how to retain clients is one of the most important tasks that lawyers face. Lawyers and law firms tend to focus more on finding clients even though it can cost up to 7x more. Here are five strategies that will help keep your clients loyal to your practice.

3.  8 Seemingly Simple Tips for Retaining Your Best Clients

By this point, you are aware that finding a new client is much more difficult and expensive than retaining an existing one. It is not difficult to ensure that clients will come back to you, it just takes a little extra work and time. Follow this article to get advice from eight different executives on their advice for keeping clients happy and retaining their business.

4.  Client Relationship Management

Your ability to manage and maintain relationships with clients will shape the future of your practice. For example, clients that you have a good relationship with are more likely to not only return but will refer their friends and family as well. Here is some great advice from the ABA on how to create those types of relationships.

5.  Three Keys to Increased Client Retention

Client retention is always on the forefront of lawyer’s minds. Yet, for many firms, client retention is an uncoordinated and inconsistent effort. Resulting in both lost clients and revenue. Use this article to discover how smart firms are retaining their clients and boosting their firm’s bottom line.

6.  How “Newly Solo” Lawyers Can Get Their First Clients

Getting clients, let alone retaining them is difficult. And it is even harder for newly solo lawyers. Most solo lawyers will tell you that finding their perfect client is one of the things that worries them most. Well this article aims to eliminate that worry, follow this link to learn more about techniques that other once newly solo lawyers used to find their first client.

7.  Client Retention Tips for Solo and Small Law Firms

Retained clients are also some of the most profitable clients, due to the small amount of work required to bring them back. The tricky part is making sure your clients want to come back in the first place. Use this article to learn how a little common sense and the right client-retention plan will help your practice retain more business.

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