Your Law Firm Website Bio: Why It Matters & Tips For Nailing It

By Eddie Gamez - March 9, 2017
Your Law Firm Website Bio: Why It Matters & Tips For Nailing It

Don’t let the stresses of starting a practice cause for your law firm website bio to get overlooked!

When you’re starting your law firm, many things are running through your head, such as finances, finding an adequate office situation, marketing, and so on.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get everything up and running, especially if you’re a solo or small firm attorney. This means that there is a greater possibility overlooking of seemingly minor tasks.

Although it may seem minor at first, one major element of building a successful law practice is your bio on your firm’s website.

To some, a website bio is minuscule and not worth worrying about. THEY’RE WRONG. And here’s why:

The Power of a Website Bio

Having a website is important, but having a stellar biography to market to your desired clientele helps drive more leads through your doors.  

Bios are not just random information, they are a chance for you to leave an everlasting impression. It’s your job to maintain and ensure that this impression is consistent with the values of your firm.

How Do I Make my Law Firm Website Bio Stand Out?

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your bio doesn’t leave a potential client thinking  “they are just another lawyer.”

1. Insert a professional headshot  

Many attorneys question putting their image out into the internet. That’s understandable since many people prefer to keep their private and professional lives separate.

However, you are potentially handling someone’s sensitive and delicate legal matter. They will want to see an image of who they might trust with that responsibility.

Think about it in the way that renters view apartment spaces. Before they view the space, they want to have an idea of what they are getting into; this obviously requires an image of the space.

90% of the information our brains receive is visual and people are more likely to respond to something they can see. This means prospective clients typically will choose to meet with a lawyer who has a picture of themselves on their bio, as opposed to someone who does not.

You don’t want to have a “Craigslist effect” where you don’t show pictures and just talk about how amazing you are. To the average person, you will come off as “shady” and that will cost you potential clients.

2. Update your bio regularly

Regularly updating your bio helps to negate any possible confusion.

Not only do our appearances change over time, but chances you may have some new accomplishments that are noteworthy. You never want your website bio to feel dated or different to what you represent currently.

To help, develop a regular process of updating your website bio. At a minimum, you should update your bio once every twelve to eighteen months with new imagery and information.

3. Make it relatable

Molly Reynolds of The Unicorn in the Room says it perfectly:

“In order to move your audience to action, you must be able to relate to them.”

On your bio, you need to write copy that speaks to the needs and wants of your potential clients. People hire lawyers, not law firms and being relatable is key to ensuring they choose you.

Also, clients want to hear about who you are as a person, not just your resume.

Are you involved in your community? Do you have other passions beyond being a lawyer? Information as simple as this can be a deciding factor for some prospective clients.

4. Discuss how you help clients

Prospective clients want to hear specifically about what you can do for them. If there is nothing in your bio that speaks to their needs, they will go elsewhere.

A simple way to accomplish this is by discussing cases you have handled and the outcome. Think about the matrimonial client in a contentious divorce. Giving insight to a potentially similar case will go far in helping you close that lead. Letting potential clients know you understand what they are going through speaks volumes.

5. Maintain transparency

Transparency is considered by many to be a critical component of leadership. As a lawyer, you are “leading” your client through a difficult process.

Being transparent in your bio is essential to establishing trust. Potential clients won’t hire you if they feel you are hiding something. Even something as simple as not displaying your email on your bio can make you seem untrustworthy to some. And a lack of trust is something you never want your firm to be associated with.

With these great tips and insight, you can construct a knock-out website bio, and help your firm to help you stand above the rest!

Got something to add or questions? Comment below and give us your thoughts!

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