Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - February 12, 2017
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

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1.  How Networking Can Quickly Improve Your Law Firm Marketing

It may be unnerving at first, but once you realize almost everyone despises networking, it levels the playing field. Successful networking doesn’t require any magical trick or special advantage. This article provides simple and actionable tips you can use to develop meaningful relationships with referral sources at your next networking event.

2.  How I Chose my Practice Area in my Own Unique Way

Deciding which practice area you want your solo practice to specialize in can be a difficult decision. Especially if you are a solo lawyer who is just finishing law school and you have none to little experience practicing. Follow the journey of one solo lawyer as she sheds some little light on how she went through the process of choosing a practice area.

3.  Make Sure You’re Not Making Mistakes With Your Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Social media is a different beast as compared to other marketing tools. It’s important to understand how to use it properly in order to produce big results. This infographic maps out common social media mistakes and how to fix them, therefore helping you to create a more effective plan for your social media marketing.

4.  5 Tips For Keeping Clients Happy as a Solo Attorney

Keeping clients happy is essential to running a successful solo practice. In fact, keeping your clients happy may be the key to never worrying about new business. This article provides tips you can use to ensure you’re providing the best customer service in your firm, increasing the likelihood your clients will refer you to their network.

5.  How 3 Small Firm Lawyers Use Hootsuite to Manage Social Media Posts

Social media. Attorneys either love it or hate it. But did you know that solo and small firms attorneys who embrace social media reach a more diverse market and increase their earning potential? This article explains how three solo and small firm lawyers have used the social media management app, Hootsuite, to give their online marketing a boost.

6.  7 Signs You Aren’t Ready to Practice Law with a New York Virtual Office

It is a common misconception that starting a law practice with a virtual office is easier than with a traditional office. That where you are wrong. In reality it is just as difficult if you aren’t taking full advantage of its benefits. Here are seven key indicators that will help you determine whether or not you are ready to start your practice with a virtual office.

7.  Your Law Firm is Making You Fat and Unhealthy

It’s no secret that many lawyers put their jobs before their health and wellness. This article explores just how running a small firm can impact your health and shares insight from other lawyers on how to make better health choices.

8.  Why Is Shared Office Space Ideal For Attorneys?

There is a good reason why shared office space for solo attorneys has been around for years. If you’re thinking about starting a solo law practice, or are already practicing and in the market for different office space, here are the top three reasons solo attorneys prefer shared office space (Here’s a hint, one reason is because of increased referrals).

9.  5 Branding Tips For Solo Attorneys From Unlikely Sources

In today’s market, it can be difficult for solo attorneys to demonstrate their unique value and brand to potential clients. Standing out amongst the crowd is key to the success of your practice. This article offers simple branding tips you can adopt to set yourself apart from the competition.

10.  I Felt like a Wallflower at Lawyer Networking Events Until I Started Doing This

For some people, going around the room and networking with other lawyers comes naturally. But if you are like the majority of us, that is not the case. To help improve your confidence and overall networking skills, follow these five easy to implement tips and crush it at lawyer networking events.

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