7 Best Resources for Managing Leads in Your Small Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - February 10, 2017
7 Best Resources for Managing Leads in Your Small Law Firm

Managing leads in your small law firm is a skill every lawyer needs to conquer. These resources can help you do it right!

We’ve selected the best resources for managing leads in your small law firm!

1.  Lead Management Chart for Solos and Small Firms

The most successful attorneys make lead follow-up a routine part of their day and often use tools to help them do it more efficiently. Download this free ebook to get access to a great lead management chart that will help you to easily manage leads, nurture referral sources and grow your practice.

2.  A Better System for Lead Management and Conversion

If you are not taking the appropriate actions to nurture and convert leads then you’re essentially wasting your time. Follow this article to discover a better and more efficient method for managing and converting leads into happy paying clients.

3.  How Many Leads Do You Convert?

For most lawyers, the fastest and least expensive way to increase revenues is to simply improve the conversion rate of your existing lead flow. But that is easier said than done. Use this article to learn more about simple and effective ways to increase the conversion rate for your firm’s leads.

4.  The Best CRMs for Lawyers

The right CRM program can make all the difference for your firm. It will improve your sales process and overall relationship with both existing and potential clients. But which CRM is best for lawyers and their specific needs? Use this article to get details about different CRM programs that are made specifically with lawyers in mind.

5.  Your Biggest Mistake When Converting Law Firm Leads into Clients

Too many lawyers have a bad habit of giving up on leads too soon. Spending more time nurturing leads will actually help you achieve better results with a smaller pool of prospects. This article details a system you can use to find success with persistence.

6.  Lead Management Needs to Be Separate from Case Management and Here’s Why

While they may sound similar, lead management and case management require completely different skills. Here are the major reasons why separating lead management from case management is an essential step towards running a more successful law firm.

7.  Client Relationship Management

Your firm and its overall success depend on attracting new clients, referrals and happy clients. A client relationship management (CRM) application may be your technological key to financial survival in changing times for the legal profession. Follow this article to learn all the best practices and get great tips on using the right CRM for your firm.

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