7 Best Articles for Improving Your Lawyer Negotiation Skills

By Law Firm Suites - December 30, 2016
7 Best Articles for Improving Your Lawyer Negotiation Skills

We’ve gathered the top articles for improving your lawyer negotiation skills. Take a look and see what interests you!

Improving your negotiation skills is a must for any lawyer. Whether it’s with clients, a potential vendor, or other attorneys, negotiation is a critical part of a lawyer’s career. So to help make sure you’re the top negotiator in the room, we have compiled this list of resources.

Check out our favorite articles for boosting your negotiation skills!

1.  The Art of Negotiation: Closing the Deal

Unfortunately for lawyers, your job isn’t done just because an agreement has been made. Next, you have to delicately craft the final written agreement, and your negotiation skills will continue to play a large role during this process. Follow this article to learn about the importance of an accurately written agreement, and how to make sure your agreements are written with everyone in mind.

2.  Law Practice Is Negotiation

To practice law is to be a professional negotiator. This is consistent regardless of practice area. If you plan on having a successful and healthy legal career, you will have to hone and constantly improve your negotiation skills. Use the advice in this article to do just that, and make sure your skills as a lawyer are always improving.

3.  Win-Win Negotiation

Effective negotiation will help you resolve situations with minimal disruption. At the end of every negotiation, everyone wants to walk away feeling like they “won.” To do that consistently, you may need to brush up on your negotiation skills. Follow the advice and simple easy to follow tips in this article to make sure every agreement you negotiate comes out as a win-win.

4.  STRATEGICALLY SPEAKING: The Five Golden Rules of Negotiation for Lawyers

Being a good negotiator involves many different skills. But there are some mistakes that every successful negotiator knows to avoid. Follow this article to discover the five key mistakes most lawyers make when negotiating, and how to avoid them in the future.

5.  In Negotiation, How Much Do Personality and Other Individual Differences Matter?

A majority of the advice offered to lawyers about improving their negotiating skills focuses on avoiding mistakes. While that is important, avoiding mistakes is not the holy grail of successful negotiators. In this article, you will learn how your specific personality and individuality can have a massive impact on the outcome of your negotiations.

6.  Improving Negotiation Skills: Rules for Master Negotiators

For lawyers, negotiation is unavoidable. It is not only part of who we are, but an essential part of our careers. Thus it makes complete sense to do our best to master and constantly improve our already advanced negotiation skills. In this complete and comprehensive guide, you will get useful tips and learn about the experiences of others on how they improved their negotiation skills.

7.  Role of Communication in Negotiation

You cannot be an effective negotiator without the proper communication skills. They are essential. Being able to quickly and effectively argue your position will make you much more impactful and powerful in these situations. Follow this article to get great advice on improving the communication skills that apply directly to negotiation.

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