Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - December 18, 2016
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week For Attorneys

Take a look at the top 10 blog posts of the week for attorneys!

We’ve gathered our top blog posts of the week for attorneys so you can see what can help you manage your law firm!

1.  5 Tips For Keeping Clients Happy as a Solo Attorney

Your law firm’s reputation is influenced by what your clients have to say, which means it’s important to make sure you’re providing great customer service. We’ve gathered our top five tips for keeping your clients happy so they will be more likely to refer you new business.

2.  20 Things Respected Lawyers Do Every Day [Part 1]

In order to build a solid reputation, it is critical for lawyers to be respected. This is easier said than done because not only is respect difficult to gain, it’s incredibly easy to lose. Follow this article to learn ten great tips that will help you command the respect you deserve as a successful lawyer!

3.  Grow Your Practice With Help From The Right Office Furniture

Being a lawyer is not just what you do; it is an inextricable part of who you are. Let’s take this one step further. Believe it or not, your furniture and its layout within your law office can have a considerable impact on your firm’s bottom line. Follow this article to learn how your practice can benefit from something as simple as having the right type of furniture within your law office.

4.  The “Mean Girls” of Law: How Attorney Cliques Could Make You Miss Out on Referrals

Are you a lawyer who runs with the “mean girl” clique without even knowing it? This could be the reason other lawyers aren’t sending you referrals like they used to. This article highlights how certain behaviors can come across as negative, and how those behaviors affect your likelihood to be referred new business.

5.  What to do When You Feel Like Throwing in the Towel

One of the greatest challenges all entrepreneurs face is keeping their faith and not throwing in the towel when things get hard. It can be difficult to overcome your fears and not give up, close up shop, and go get a job. Follow the experiences of one solo lawyer and discover her techniques that have helped her fight the urge to quit and close her solo practice.

6.  How to Use Negative Feedback to your Advantage

For lawyers, negative feedback can present itself in several different forms, such as a bad online review, a disappointed client spreading comments through word of mouth, or even direct criticism from peers, coworkers, or supervisors. No matter which form it takes, you can use this infographic to learn how to best respond and react to negative feedback.

7.  6 Simple Social Organization Steps that Increase Referrals

You may think that networking is a necessary evil to keep the phone ringing with new clients. But for some lawyers, networking is as easy as showing up to work and being nice to their neighbors. We have noticed that attorneys who have the best referral networks stay socially organized by following an easy six-step system.

8.  5 Branding Tips For Solo Attorneys From Unlikely Sources

Taking time to build your personal brand will help set you apart from the competition. Since branding can sometimes be a bit of a mystery, we gathered five tips from reality television starlets that will help you build a brand that clients will remember.

9.  7 Tips for Getting Referrals in a Manhattan Shared Office Space

Referrals are the driving force behind many of the decisions solo and small firm lawyers make for their law practice. A steady flow of referrals means accelerating the growth of your firm and easing your worries regarding getting new clients. Use this article to get tips that will help you increase your chances of getting referred new business in a shared office space.

10.  One Way To Better Market Your Firm: Invoicing

Billing. It’s something that no lawyer particularly enjoys. However, it can also be a cool and simple way to market your law practice. This article explains how you can use invoicing as an additional tool for client communication, which can result in the opportunity for a referral in the future.

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