Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

By Law Firm Suites - October 2, 2016
Law Firm Suites’ Top 10 Blog Posts of the Week for Attorneys

From branding tips to LinkedIn marketing, we blog about everything an attorney needs to know in order to be successful.

We’ve put together a list of our best-performing blog posts of the week. Take a look and see what interests you!

1.  Why Law Firms Fail: 8 Things Unsuccessful Solo Attorneys Do

Solo attorneys put a lot on the line when they decide to start their own practice, including money, reputation, and personal relationships. There is no recipe for success for law firms, but there are several things you can do to give your practice the best odds. Follow this article and avoid the mistakes that led to other law firm’s demise.

2.  6 Types Of Emails You Should Send To Your Lists

Email marketing and having a list of contacts are great tools for building and maintaining relationships with prospective clients and referral sources. But they only work if you actually use them. Learn about the six types of marketing emails one solo lawyer sends to her contacts, and how they helped her firm grow.

3.  7 Ways to Launch a Mediocre Virtual Law Practice

When first starting a virtual law practice you are also planning for its future. If not done properly, you run the risk of setting yourself up for failure. See what other mistakes lawyers have made when launching their virtual law firms, and avoid running a mediocre practice.

4.  Going Solo Doesn’t Mean Going Alone

According to the American Bar Association’s Lawyer Demographics 2016 report, 49 percent of lawyers run a solo practice. And six percent of new lawyers choose the solo route rather than pursuing a career in big law after graduation. Even though more lawyers are going solo, by using the right tools and resources, you can surround yourself with a community of other legal professionals.

5.  A Business Mindset Can Help Your Solo Law Firm Succeed

As a solo lawyer, you are no longer only an attorney, you’re an entrepreneur who has to constantly wear several different hats. You must become proficient with all of the business skill sets necessary to run your firm. Learn more about those skills are, and how to use other resources to help manage the additional tasks that come with being a solo.

6.  5 Branding Tips For Solo Attorneys From Unlikely Sources

The occupation of “lawyer” is often glamorized in movies and television when in reality, it’s a difficult job that not many can do right. However, in today’s market, it can be difficult for solo attorneys to demonstrate their unique value to potential clients. This article provides tips for lawyers on how to create a unique and powerful brand from some unusual sources.

7.  Why Attorneys Must Embrace Social Media

As a group, attorneys tend to be late adopters of new technology. This is particularly true of their use of social media for business development. But having no social media presence will instantly make you seem out of touch with clients. This article lists several crucial reasons why you and your firm need to be using social media now.

8.  How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Get New Clients

LinkedIn groups are pages you can follow on your LinkedIn account that will allow you to interact with professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content. They can prove to be a great resource if managed correctly. Follow this article to see how LinkedIn groups can connect you with other lawyers and help bring in more referrals.

9.  Money Management: 8 Tips to Benefit Your Solo Law Firm’s Bottom Line

Starting a solo firm is a nerve-racking process. Your financial status is never far from your thoughts and finances often spawn worrying questions that can keep a solo attorney up at night. Follow these great money management tips and avoid being surprised when you look at your bank account balance.

10.  How 3 Small Firm Lawyers Use Hootsuite to Manage Social Media Posts

As a solo or small firm lawyer, you are your brand. In a market compelled by the need to be socially connected, it damages your personal brand if you don’t have a social presence. But managing social media is easier said than done. This article shows how three solo and small firm lawyers use the social media management app, Hootsuite, to give their online marketing a boost.

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