7 Best Resources for Getting More Law Firm Clients with LinkedIn

By Law Firm Suites - September 16, 2016
7 Best Resources for Getting More Law Firm Clients with LinkedIn

Check out our top resource picks for getting more law firm clients with LinkedIn!

LinkedIn has the potential to help your law firm grow its client stream. These resources can help you do just that!

1.  LinkedIn Advertising For Law Firms: How To Make It Work

In the crowded space of legal services, law firms must work harder than ever to continually bring on new clients. You have to advertise your services, but traditionally advertising can sometimes fall short of expectations. Digital advertising, however, definitely has a place in law firm marketing. This article explains how you can use LinkedIn ads to provide your firm targeted messaging that will increase your online visibility and grow your firm.

2.  [eBook] A Lawyer’s Guide to Effective LinkedIn Marketing

According to a recent study, 70% of participants said they use LinkedIn to research professional service providers. LinkedIn is a prime place to tell clients why they should be hiring you because it doesn’t take very much time to yield big results. This eBook contains a step-by-step guide for using LinkedIn to connect with potential referral sources, reach out to new clients and grow your practice.

3.  10 Tips to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

It’s surprisingly easy to improve your LinkedIn experience and get better results, no matter how active or accomplished a user you currently are. This article explains how taking a few simple steps and spending a relatively small amount of time on LinkedIn can help you bring in new business for your firm.

4.  3 Things All Lawyers Must Fix in their Linkedin Profile

You might know that you’re supposed to be on LinkedIn, and that, in theory, it can be great for your legal marketing. But what are you actually supposed to do with it? This video explains the key things you must do on your LinkedIn profile to improve your online brand, and how to start using it as a tool for finding new clients.

5.  LinkedIn for Lawyers – Some Ethical Considerations

LinkedIn is quickly becoming an excellent source of referrals and client acquisitions for lawyers. However, as a lawyer, you still have to be concerned about the ethical implications of your online activity. This article explains what you need to be aware of in order to effectively use LinkedIn as a marketing tool without crossing any ethical lines.

6.  7 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Be Publishing Content on LinkedIn

In today’s marketing world “content is king.” For lawyers,  creating content can quickly boost their professional credibility and help them build relationships with referral sources and potential clients. This article explains why attorneys who want to build professional credibility within their network and expand their marketing should start publishing content on LinkedIn.

7.  Lawyer Etiquette for LinkedIn Introductions

Too many lawyers forget to add a personal touch to their LinkedIn presence, especially when they send a request to connect with someone. Leaving a generic message, or including no message at all, is impersonal and it significantly reduces the likelihood that someone will access your request. This article offers tips you can use to craft the ideal LinkedIn connection request and help you develop valuable relationships

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