7 Best Articles for Creating an Awesome Law Firm Logo

By Law Firm Suites - September 2, 2016
7 Best Articles for Creating an Awesome Law Firm Logo

Creating a great law firm logo is essential to your firm’s branding. We’ve got the best resources to help!

A logo is the ultimate representation of your brand identity. It signals to clients and adversaries what you’re all about, your practice style and even your values. But often the hardest part of designing a logo is simply getting started.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our favorite articles about designing a great logo.

1.  How Five Law Firms Designed Their Logos to Stand Out From the Pack

If you need a logo for a new firm, or are thinking about an upgrade to what you’ve got, the best starting place is to look what other firms have done. This article shows you before, after and rejected designs of several firms, including a few in the AMLAW100.

2.  Law Firm Logo Design

Arrows, apples, swooshes and smiles, this article with accompanying video webinar breaks down the elements of a great logo, including some great examples from law firms that incorporate icons and unique font treatments.

3.  How to Design an Effective Law Firm Logo

Whether you are hiring a pro or are embarking on a DIY job, you’ve got to first understand what elements make up a great logo. This will help you more effectively communicate with a professional what you are looking for (or understanding it yourself), saving time and money on excessive redrafts. 

4.  6 Best Logo Maker And Creation Tools

Those of us without an artistic bone in our bodies have to hire a pro. But for those of you who’ve got some design chops and an eye for graphics, here a list of 6 great tools you can use to design your own logo.

5.  3 Logo Design Tips for Law Firm Logos

Are sophisticated logo tools beyond your pay grade? DIY logo maker company GraphicSprings has a free logo maker with dozens of templates for law firms (it costs $20 to download the logo if you like it). In this article, GraphicSprings covers three super-important design tips: font choice, color choice and file format choice, and how each will affect the way your logo displays both online and off.

6.  35 Law Firm Logos for Inspiration

Columns, gavels, lions and shields are what you’ll find in these very traditional law firm logo designs. These 35 logo examples may speak to your soul, or guide you in a completely different direction, but it’s totally worth a look.

7.  What Role Does Your Logo Play in Your Branding Strategy?

If a logo is a mini-advertisement for your law firm, a poorly designed logo can convey the wrong message and in return weaken your branding strategy. Before you start designing your logo, you probably should have a good idea about your branding strategy. Follow the advice in this article to know when you are ready to start designing your logo.

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