7 Best Articles for Boosting Morale in Your Small Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - August 12, 2016
7 Best Articles for Boosting Morale in Your Small Law Firm

The top articles for boosting employee morale in your small law firm!

Running a successful small law firm is about more than getting new clients. You need to build a talented, dedicated team of employees that you can lean on when running a business becomes overwhelming.

We’ve gathered our favorite articles that can help boost your small firm’s morale and retain your great employees.

1.  How Investing in Firm Morale Improves the Bottom Line

Running a small firm with only a few employees doesn’t make you exempt from taking care of your team and motivating them to do good work. Keeping your employees happy improves their productivity and makes it easier to retain their employment. This article explains strategies you can use to ensure the long term success of your employees and make them feel valued enough to stick around.

2.  What ‘Creative Perks’ Boost Morale

Many small firm lawyers want to be able to offer their employees useful benefits, but they’re concerned about staying within budget. This article offers insight from administrators at small firms who found ways to offer creative, affordable benefits to their law firm’s employees.

3.  How Important is Morale in Your Law Firm and What Can You Do to Boost Morale and Build a Team for 2016

Attracting talented, dedicated employees isn’t only a matter of salary and health insurance. If a salary is the only thing holding an employee to your firm, then you are risking losing them when you really need them. This article explains simple things that every firm can do without breaking their budget, this way your employees will feel appreciated and are satisfied by more than money.

4.  20 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Managing staff is all about relationship management and good people skills. It’s never too late to start making an effort to manage your staff more effectively and boost morale. This article lists ways you can offset boredom and frustration with meaningful benefits, individual acknowledgements and opportunities to grow.

5.  Tools to Improve Morale, Promote Retention and Train Mentors

Law firms of all sizes share the fear of losing associates after spending years of time and a great deal of money training them. To protect their investment and to avoid losing talent, smart firms continually examine what they can do to promote the retention of their associates. This article explains the measures you must take to improve associate satisfaction, increase associate engagement and promote retention.

6.  Affordable Ways To Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated—Or Else

Is your law firm at risk of losing employees? According to recent studies, 55% of workers say they’d ditch their jobs for a company that clearly recognized employees for their efforts. This article lists low-cost ways to thank your employees, and show them that you value the role they play in sustaining your law firm.

7.  10 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued When You Can’t Offer a Raise

If you’re running a small law firm, then it could be difficult for you to offer your employees a pay raise. However, for many employees, feeling valued and appreciated at work is just as important as the amount of money they take home. This article lists simple ways you can show an employee that you recognize their worth, that have nothing to do with giving them a raise.

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