7 Best Articles for Writing an Impressive Lawyer Bio

By Law Firm Suites - June 17, 2016
7 Best Articles for Writing an Impressive Lawyer Bio

We’ve picked our favorite articles for improving your lawyer bio. Take a look and see what can help you!

Your online bio is an important marketing tool that requires strategic thinking. Putting a generic bio on your website could prevent you from being considered for new opportunities.

Check out these great articles that can help you assemble a bio that will increase your law firm’s credibility and help you attract more business.

1.  Why Your Online Lawyer Bio Matters

Even if you have been practicing law for years, you still need to market your law practice in order to stay relevant and attract new clients. This article explains how you can leverage your reputation and experience to create a website bio that will achieve significant results.

2.  How to Write an Attorney Bio that Brings in Clients

There is more to writing a bio than simply listing your experience and accomplishments. You want to make it personal and engaging so potential clients stay interested. This article offers tips that will help you write a bio that will establish trust and convince clients that you can solve their problems.

3.  5 Tips to Writing Better Attorney Website Copy: Why No One Wants to Read Your Resume

There is no doubt that people are looking you up online before deciding to work with you. Both potential clients and referral sources want to see that you care about your brand and professional appearance, which means you must make sure your website is impressive. This article provides advice for how to write a compelling narrative that shows you are a real person dedicated to serving your clients.

4.  What Lawyers Put in Their Bios vs. What Clients Want

When writing a bio, lawyers often put too much emphasis on their career history and accomplishments. Clients simply want to know who you are and how you can help them. This article offers tips to help you write an engaging bio that communicates what clients actually care about so you can close more business.

5.  Build Better Lawyer Bios

Your bio is what convinces people to pick up the phone and call you. You must take a strategic look at your bio in order to improve it. This article explains how you can use the power of persuasion and incorporate logos, ethos and pathos arguments into your bio to make it sound as compelling as possible.

6.  Nine Tips To Write a Great Lawyer Website Biography

You should be using your bio to show that you’re a real person who cares about more than a paycheck. Taking the time to turn your bio into more than a list of experience and accomplishments will add to your credibility and develop goodwill with clients and referral sources. This articles lists everything you need to include in your bio to make sure it leaves an impression.

7.  Online Profiles: Presenting the Best Version of Yourself

Never dismiss the value of your website. More lawyers and clients are looking at your website and social media profiles before deciding they want to work with you. If you think you’ve never received a new piece of business because of your online presence, then it is probably because you haven’t spent enough time on it. This article explains what you need to include in your online bio to draw people in and demonstrate your skills.

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