7 Best Resources For Automating Your Law Firm Marketing

By Law Firm Suites - April 15, 2016
7 Best Resources For Automating Your Law Firm Marketing

We gathered our top resources from the web for automating your law firm marketing. Take a look and see what can help your firm!

In small firm practice, marketing often falls by the wayside when lawyers get swamped with client work. But without consistent marketing (especially when you’re busy), there will be no more work to do when the cases keeping you busy end. Automating marketing tasks is the best way to make sure your pipeline always stays full.  Check out our top resources for automating your law firm marketing! 

1.  Marketing Comment: How the legal profession can bring sales to order with marketing automation

Solo lawyers have to take on marketing their law firm on top of their legal work, which often makes their marketing efforts inconsistent and ineffective. This article explains how investing in marketing automation tools and processes can help attorneys approach their marketing in a way that is manageable and flexible.

2.  Marketing Automation: the next frontier for law firm marketing

Marketing automation is important for lawyers who want to executive an effective digital marketing plan because it allows them to stay top of mind and consistently provide valuable, targeted content. This article helps define marketing automation, explains how it benefits law firm marketing and suggests useful automation platforms attorneys can use to support their marketing strategies.

3.  Tools and Tricks to Automate Your Marketing

We all know technology can help make the process of completing certain tasks for efficient and cost effective, but this is especially true for marketing activities. In this article, marketing experts share the technology tools they use to automate their marketing.

4.  Automation for Explosive Legal Marketing Growth!

If you want to grow your law firm, then automating your marketing is a good start. Legal marketing expert, Charley Mann, gives a video presentation on how automation can help you attract the clients you want and provide your law firm marketing with the boost it needs.

5.  Why Law Firms Need Marketing Automation

Automation software will help you streamline your marketing activities so you can focus on legal work. Still not convinced? This article explains all the benefits of having an automation system in place, including being able to nurture a lead along the path to becoming a client with only a small investment in time.

6.  5 Pros & Cons of Social Media Automation

Social media is the key to making sure your content reaches a wide audience and automating your efforts will save you time. But is there such a thing as too much automation? This article lists the advantages and disadvantages of social media automation so you can pull it off correctly and get the results you want.

7.  How can you tell whether marketing automation is right for your law firm?

Since marketing automation is new to most lawyer, many of them aren’t sure if it’s something that they should use in their firm. This article provides three law firm marketing questions that automation may be able to answer so you can determine if it will benefit your strategy.

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