7 Best Articles for Law Firm Marketing on Twitter

By Law Firm Suites - January 22, 2016
7 Best Articles for Law Firm Marketing on Twitter

Want to learn how to market your law practice using Twitter? We’ve gathered our top choices for articles that give great tips for increasing brand awareness and building relationships on Twitter.

Twitter is a fun, easy and quick way to market your law practice and promote your personal brand.  If you’ve only been using Twitter socially (or not at all), here are our top article picks on how you can get started using Twitter as a marketing tool. 

1.  14 Ways to Use Twitter to Market Your Business

If used correctly, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool that can drive more traffic to your website. If you’re not sure how to get started, then this article lists essential best practices from experts you need to follow in order to effectively market a business using Twitter.

2.  8 Twitter Tips for Authentic Law Firm Internet Marketing

If you’re a solo attorney with no Twitter marketing, prospective clients may perceive you as being out of touch. This article discusses how to develop a Twitter presence that will facilitate key relationships and result in more referral traffic.

3.  Twitter for Law Firms

Many law firms start using Twitter without really understanding why they’re on the platform. Make sure you have a strategy for your Twitter marketing and set goals for what you want to accomplish. This will ultimately help you decide what type of content you should be sharing. Check out this article to learn some of the mistakes law firms make when using Twitter and examples of firms who are sharing the right type of content.

4.  How to Manage Your Firm’s Twitter Account in 7 Minutes a Day

Between running a law practice and handling client matters, solo attorneys are short on marketing time. However, solo attorneys who aren’t consistently updating their Twitter are missing an important opportunity to make their law firm seem more approachable to potential clients. This great piece explains how you can spend only seven minutes a day managing your Twitter account and still ensure you’re adequately marketing your practice.

5.  How a Lawyer Can Build a Following on Twitter

Sharing your own content is important, but interacting with the legal community is key to developing a solid following on Twitter. Follow these tips from Larry Bodine and learn how to increase referrals by expanding your reach and influence on Twitter.

6.  7 Tips for Attorneys to Master Twitter

Do you need some quick, easy tips for your Twitter marketing? Legal marketing expert Stephen Fairley gives a seven step process lawyers can use to make Twitter work for them without reinventing the wheel.

7.  How Lawyers Use Twitter

Twitter could be your most effective brand awareness and relationship building tool– if you use it right. This article provides stories from practicing lawyers on how they’ve used Twitter to benefit their law firm and improve their legal marketing.

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