A Guide to Effective LinkedIn Marketing for Lawyers [eBook]

By Law Firm Suites - January 20, 2016
A Guide to Effective LinkedIn Marketing for Lawyers [eBook]

Get the ultimate roadmap for lawyers who want to use LinkedIn to market their law firm and get new clients.

If a potential client found you on LinkedIn, would they learn enough to want to hire you?

Millions of professionals are using LinkedIn to network and create business opportunities; however, we’ve noticed a shocking number of lawyers who are not taking full advantage of the platform.

The fact is, lawyers who aren’t putting effort into their LinkedIn presence are leaving money on the table. But that’s easy to change.

To help get you started, we’ve written “A Lawyer’s Guide to Effective LinkedIn Marketing.”

Why LinkedIn Matters

With LinkedIn fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, small firm lawyers have an unprecedented opportunity to turn their expertise into revenue for their firm. And the best part, it doesn’t take very much time to yield big results on LinkedIn, making it an excellent tool for busy lawyers.

Former solo attorney and legal marketing expert, Luke Ciciliano, says LinkedIn is the only platform that provides attorneys in any practice area access to referral sources on a large scale. Therefore, your LinkedIn presence should become just as important as your face-to-face networking, and even your firm’s website.

According to Forbes, a small firm business lawyer in Northern California received referrals worth $12,000 after spending 3-5 hours on LinkedIn.  If other attorneys are finding business on LinkedIn, why can’t you?

Many lawyers simply create a profile and then wonder why LinkedIn is not creating the results they had hoped for. Others haven’t even take the time to complete their profile.

You could easily boost the success of your firm with the right LinkedIn marketing tactics. You can display your qualifications and experience, while having complete control over your recommendations and endorsements.

The quality of your LinkedIn presence is of paramount importance if you want any chance of using it as a marketing tool. Plus, since studies show that clients are researching lawyers on LinkedIn before making a hiring decision, every attorney should be strategically managing their LinkedIn account. This ebook will show you how.

Getting the Tools for Success

Most small firm attorneys struggle to find the time needed to consistently market their practice. Many lawyers are unsure of how they can leverage LinkedIn marketing for their firm, given their other responsibilities.

This eBook was designed to help you make a plan that can produce big results with just a small investment in time. Your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about getting the most value out of LinkedIn for your firm.

With these easy tips, you can take your legal marketing to the next level and experience all the advantages of an effective LinkedIn strategy– boosting your brand visibility, developing thought leadership in your practice area, and ultimately increasing revenue.

Download our new ebook and learn:

  • Search engine optimization best practices for your personal profile
  • Ways to drive more traffic to your firm’s website
  • How to impress potential clients with your expertise
  • Methods of finding and nurturing relationships with referral sources
  • And much more!

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