7 Best Articles on Creating a Killer Personal Brand

By Law Firm Suites - January 15, 2016
7 Best Articles on Creating a Killer Personal Brand

Are you a solo attorney who wants to create a killer personal brand?  We made a list of our favorite online resources to help you get it done.

Building a brand takes consistent effort; however, it plays a critical role in a solo attorney’s ability to increase profits for their firm. Your brand helps you communicate your unique value to prospective clients and it helps you distinguish yourself from the competition.

Here are some great resources for an attorney creating a personal brand: 

1.  Are You Using Instagram? 10 Tips for Building Your Brand

Have you ever considered how Instagram could build your firm’s brand? Learn how to implement an Instagram marketing plan that will increase awareness for your law practice and help you stay relevant.

2.  5 Branding Tips for Solo Attorneys From Unlikely Sources

Branding tips don’t always have to come from marketing gurus. In fact, you can propel your firm to success by customizing advice from different sources. Check out these branding tips taken from celebrities in pop culture and learn how branding can be universal to any profession.

3.  Branding Your Law Firm Online

Does your online presence uniquely identify and differentiate you from the competition? Learn how a strong online brand can translate directly into revenue and profitability. 

4.  How to Build a Personal Brand as a Solo Attorney

Your solo attorney brand is essentially your unique selling proposition that will win you new clients.  Solo attorney, Joleena Louis, explains how she built and promoted a personal brand that separates her from the competition.

5.  Law Firm Branding or Individual Attorney Branding?

People often recommend lawyers, not firms. This makes personal branding even more important for attorneys. Learn how to effectively promote your individual attorney brand outside of your firm with blogging and social media.

6.  How to Define Your Personal Brand

Attorneys creating a personal brand often misunderstand what personal branding really means. This article explains what personal branding is, why it’s important and how it’s done so you can get started working on yours.

7.  3 Steps to Personal Branding for Lawyers

Most people turn to the Internet to research attorneys before they engage their services, making your online brand critical to your success. Here are three great tips for developing a killer online brand.

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