YouTube Is Modern Marketing At Its Finest For Law Firms

By Law Firm Suites - May 18, 2015
YouTube Is Modern Marketing At Its Finest For Law Firms

New media like YouTube has revolutionized marketing. Is your law firm taking advantage of this unique tool?

Want to increase your ranking on the web? Using one of the top rated video media sites in the world could help. That’s right….it’s YouTube!

YouTube is a subsidiary owned by Google and in terms of internet credibility, Google often gives preference or credit to websites with a YouTube link. This means your firm is more easily searchable for someone who types in your company name on the Google search engine.

With technological advancements, YouTube has become more of a rule rather than an option in today’s world of marketing. It has made traditional methods obsolete because it enhances your visibility indefinitely.

YouTube has a bigger reach than anyone could possibly imagine.

At the recent Lawyer Internet Domination Boot Camp, guest speaker Gerry Oginski shared his tips for using the internet to market your law firm.  Ken Hardison, President of Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association (PILMMA), was so impressed that he decided to make a video for his website detailing just how easy video marketing can be.

Ken says, “Whether you know it or not, YouTube is the second most active search engine there is in the world, right behind Google. So if you’re not taking advantage of this tool to get you on the front page of Google, you’re making a big, big mistake.”

Enhancing your visibility through YouTube can change the scope of how you attain and nurture client relationships. You let them see you and in a lot of cases, allows them to make the decision then and there if they want to use your services. No time is wasted and you can in some ways, weed out the market that wastes billable time.YouTube

Create a “Frequently Asked Question” script based on a recent client matter.

As Ken suggests, creating a “frequently asked questions” style of video allows one to speak directly to a potential client. Sometimes their questions can be answered right from the video.
It’s typically best to approach it with a theme of commonality. What are your most common cases? What are the most common questions asked? Are there similar issues in each of the cases?

If you are going to showcase certain cases, make sure the cases are representative of your practice at its finest. Condense the cases to more of a summary and always remove sensitive information like client names and so forth. Even combining several different cases into one large example bodes well in lessening potential client exposure.

Have a carefully thought out message.

Having some type of script is necessary for shooting a video. It doesn’t have to be a word-for-word draft, but at least something that lets you know which points you want to hit when shooting the video.

Think about it in the sense of stand-up comedy. Comedians write jokes, but to prepare they may write an outline reminding them what points they want to hit but not a word for word draft of the joke because it can register as unnatural and too rehearsed.
Just like in stand-up, an opening is necessary. For the law firm, it would be relevant to letting them know the firm, location, and so forth.


Give a little teaser as to what this video will contain.  Use keywords that your clients will be looking for.  If you’re a personal injury lawyer, use the phrases “personal injury,” “liability,” and “compensation.” Use synonyms so that you’re not just saying “lawyer,” you’re also saying “attorney,” and “law firm.”

Show that you are an expert with a simplistic message.

Maintaining a direct and simple message with your example is crucial to marketing your message. Think of it as talking directly to the client you want to represent. Talking like you are in a meeting with the client will work in your favor.

Coming across as an expert to the viewer is important, but you do not want to overload the viewer with information. Simplicity is key.

At the end of the video, thank the viewer for watching and give clear instructions for how to find more of you online.

Ken does a great job by saying, “If you want more tips like this, just sign up on the bar on your right here and just put your name and email address and we’ll send you a weekly bright idea to help market your law firm.”

Google and YouTube typically correspond with each other and the more views your have, the better your ranking will be in Google search. Remember that your welcoming is what need to be easily understood to attract repeat viewers.


Compare this to something like a chef with a YouTube page. A lot of chefs are now using YouTube as a medium to promote themselves and their recipes. This seems simple enough, but a cooking is not something everyone can do and if something seems to complicated to understand, the viewer will not respond to it and likely move on to another chef’s page that is easier to understand.

Tips for shooting a video.

After some thought and drafting of a script, the next step is to film it and upload the video to YouTube.

Shooting a video doesn’t have to be difficult and can be made easy using webcam or PDA. Even if you want to make a quality video, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to achieve.

At Law Firm Suites, adding video as part of our content mix is something we’ve recently started working on. We’re in the beginning stages of filming and editing video content, and here are links to sites that we’ve found useful:

  • LifeHacker – one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly videos on how to plan, shoot and edit a web video, including what equipment to purchase.
  • Indie-Mogul – this is an awesome YouTube channel packed full of do-it-yourself tips and ideas.  To date, we have built a lighting rig and teleprompter using their plans.
  • HubSpot How to write a Video Script Template + Video – HubSpot is the king useful marketing tips. This blog article gives 3 steps to writing a great video script.  Incidentally, one point of contention with their advice, if you use a laptop as a teleprompter, position it as close to camera as possible, and make sure you shoot from at least 15 feet away. Any closer and it will look like you have crazy eyes because you will not be looking directly into the camera (a teleprompter resolves this issues, and you can make one using Indie Mogul’s design for as little as $35).


Relaxing when filming is essential to get your message across as clearly as possible. Remember, if you are tense, the message may read differently to a potential client. Doing a few takes and making it conversational allows you to come off as more welcoming.

Making mistakes is not something to dwell on. Just start over and try again.

Upload the final edit of your video and post it to your website.

Once you are happy with a particular take upload the video to YouTube. This requires creating an account if you don’t already have one. Your video must have a description that comprises keywords and links to your firm’s website. If you have other social media pages that’s helpful as well. After all is said and done, embed the video to your website.

YouTube is very handy in the way that it allows you to gain access to informational metrics. Instead of guessing how many views your videos get, it tells you and also lets you know where these views are coming from. This allows you not only to know your audience, but to tailor your message to that particular type of viewer.

Don’t stunt your law firm’s growth by not using modern marketing!

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