NYC Virtual Office Law Firms Can Boost Their Brand on Web With New .NYC Domain

By Stephen Furnari - September 30, 2014
NYC Virtual Office Law Firms Can Boost Their Brand on Web With New .NYC Domain

A .nyc domain extension does on the web what a NYC virtual office does for law firms with their main office outside NYC.

NYC Virtual OfficeOver 1,300 newly created domain extensions have been created recently and according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, .nyc is one of the most popular.
A domain such as .nyc carries with it a kind of identity that can’t be replicated by a simple .com domain. Many early adopters claim that the .nyc domain extension adds a sense of authenticity to their NYC-based businesses and endeavors.
According to the WSJ, the .nyc domain extension allows people to instantly communicate a certain image and convey credibility to others in the NYC area. This is a way to further relate to your clients that you are a New Yorker.

As one business owner claims, “if you’re .nyc, you’re authentic, the real deal. You’re a part of the city”.

According to Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer:

“People have a great affinity for anything New York City, so if you see it has a .nyc it’s a good housekeeping seal of approval in the virtual world,” Ms. Brewer said. “It says to the world, we’re a New York City institution, and that is valuable marketing.”

A great idea for law firms with home offices based outside of Manhattan and a NYC virtual office.

NYC Virtual OfficeIt’s not uncommon for law firms with main offices outside Manhattan (Brooklyn, Nassau & Westchester Counties and North Jersey) to maintain a New York City office presence with an inexpensive NYC virtual office rental.

It’s just good business. There are over 10 million potential clients in New York City, and with the relative ease of Web based marketing, firms with their base of operations outside the City can greatly increase the size of their practice by tapping into this market. And they can do it all from the relative comfort and convenience of their less expensive office outside the City.
However, to be successful at landing NYC clients, it is imperative that firms appear “local.” Being admitted to practice in New York is not enough. When choosing between a lawyer who can practice in New York but has an office in, say, Garden City, or one with a Midtown Manhattan law office, the client will choose the firm with the NYC office address almost every time.

A premium Manhattan office address with a NYC virtual office rental gets you there from a bricks-and-mortar perspective, but the .nyc domain extension gets you there on the Web.

How to get a .nyc domain extension.

The .nyc domain won’t be available to just anyone. Law firms that want to reserve their .nyc domain will need a physical address within the five boroughs of New York City. Currently, only businesses can request the extension. On October 8, .nyc will go on sale to the general public.

Visit your domain host, such as GoDaddy to reserve your firm’s .nyc domain.

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