Referrals Exchanged & Success Stories – June 2014

By Stephen Perih - July 10, 2014
Referrals Exchanged & Success Stories – June 2014

A recap of another great month of referrals, collaboration and guest blog articles in Law Firm Suites’ shared law office space.

June Referral Recap

We’d like to give special thanks to the following attorneys who referred client matters to their Law Firm Suites colleagues during the month of March:

  • Art Law attorney, Richard Lehun, referred two employment matters to a LFS employment attorney, projects with a potential $10,000 in fees.
  • Healthcare Litigation firm, Axelrod & Dean, referred on going per diem work to a LFS corporate transactional attorney, a continuing project with a potential $8,000 in fees.
  • Tax attorney, James Shorter, referred a trust creation matter to a LFS Trusts and Estates firm, a project with a potential $5,000 in fees.
  • Oil and Gas law attorney, R. Jason Huf, referred a collections matter to a LFS civil litigation law firm, a project with a potential $22,500 in fees.
  • Criminal Defense attorney, Noreen Travers, referred three cases to a LFS traffic law firm, a project with a potential of $2,000 in fees.
  • Business immigration attorney, Stuart Reich, referred a deportation matter to a LFS immigration attorney, a project with a potential $6,000 in fees.
  • Immigration law firm, May Law Group, referred an tax matter concerning a foreign nation to a LFS International tax attorney, a project with a potential $20,000 in fees.
  • Commercial litigator, Martin Shell, referred a criminal matter to a LFS criminal defense attorney, a project with a potential $2,500 in fees.

Of course, these referrals only represent those that we were aware of (because they were coordinated through LFS staff or clients told us about them). Every month there are dozens of other referrals that take place without our direct involvement or knowledge. Want your efforts recognized? Just let us know when you’ve referred a case to another LFS client!

June Guest Bloggers

shared law office spaceJoleena Louis. Family Law attorney Joleena Louis continues to have to most viewed articles on the LFS Community Counsel blog. In fact, her article Six Months of Solo Practice: Tips for Success is the most viewed blog of all time! Joleena’s blog, Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Solo offers practical advice to attorneys who are thinking about choosing self-employment that is a direct result of personal experience.


shared law office spaceVivian Sobers. Commercial litigation attorney and Law Firm Suites rising star, Vivian Sobers, penned a wildly popular post on the Community Counsel blog last month: Networking is Most Important When You Don’t Have Time For It.  In her piece, she explains that in order to keep your pipeline full, you have to commit to networking, even when you don’t have enough hours in the day. Vivian’s blog series, Young, Hungry & Committed which describes her starting a solo law practice months after law school graduation, is published every Friday afternoon.


Community Collaborators

Lending a hand to help a colleague with a problem is part of what makes the Law Firm Suites’ Community great. We know of several “hallway” advice sessions that took place over the past month, but the following are examples of attorneys going “above and beyond” to help their colleagues.  

  • Trusts and Estates attorney, Peter Arcese helped International Taxation and Real Estate Attorney, Benjamin Tolub, create an estate plan and trusts for one of his clients.
  • Immigration attorney, Irene Vaisman, gave advice to  immigration attorney Neena Dutta, about a particularly stringent judge.

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Stephen Perih graduated Vassar College (no, it is not an all girl’s school) in 2005 before earning his JD from New York Law School. Stephen joined Law Firm Suites in 2012 as the Sales & Operations Manager. Since then, he has organized and emboldened Law Firm Suites’ community and accelerated the unique referral exchange among a rapidly growing roster of attorneys.

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