Referrals Exchanged & Success Stories – February 2014

By Law Firm Suites - March 3, 2014
Referrals Exchanged & Success Stories – February 2014

A recap of another great month of referrals, collaboration and guest blog articles in Law Firm Suites’ Downtown shared law office space.

February Referral Recap

We’d like to give special thanks to the following attorneys who referred client matters to their Law Firm Suites colleagues during the month of January:

  • Matrimonial attorney, Anne McCarthy, referred a litigation case to a LFS commercial litigation firm, a project with a potential $35,000 in fees.
  • Immigration attorney, Shari Moidel, referred a trust creation case to a LFS trusts and estates attorney, a project with a potential $2,500 in fees.
  • Corporate immigration attorney, Neena Dutta, referred an asylum case to a LFS asylum and deportation attorney, a project with a potential $5,000 in fees.
  • Family Law attorney, Karen Cahn, referred a residential co-op closing to a LFS real estate attorney, a project worth $2,500 in fees.
  • International taxation and real estate attorney, Benjamin Tolub, referred an immigration case to a LFS corporate immigration attorney, a project worth $10,000 in fees.
  • Trusts and estates attorney, Thomas Chu, referred a collection matter to a LFS judgment enforcement attorney, a project worth a potential $12,000 in fees.
  • International attoney, R. Shane McNamara, referred a FDA regulatory case to a LFS regulatory attorney, a project with $15,000 in fees.
  • Immigration attorney, Irene Vaisman, referred a custodial case to a LFS matrimonial attorney, a project worth a potential $2,000 in fees.
  • Trademark attorney, Jane Linowitz, referred a corporate formation case to a LFS corporate transactional law firm, a project worth $1,500 in fees.

Of course, these referrals only represent those that we were aware of (because they were coordinated through LFS staff or clients told us about them). Every month there are dozens of other referrals that take place without our direct involvement or knowledge. Want your efforts recognized? Just let us know when you’ve referred a case to another LFS client!

February Guest Bloggers


Downtown Shared Law Office SpaceIntegrity Financial Partners. Ryan Cole, MBA and Adam Lazarus, CPA of Integrity Financial Partners, capped off a very successful February 19th, 2014 presentation concerning tax issues that affect solo attorneys and small law firms with a guest blog interview providing common mistakes attorneys make when dealing with their tax planning. Make sure to read through to the end of February 27, 2014 article, Tax Advice for Solo Attorneys and Small Law Firms, for the “Can I deduct that?” section. Who knows, they might have stumbled upon a season game show.

Vivian Sobers | Commercial LitigatorVivian Sobers. Commercial litigation attorney and Law Firm Suites rising star, Vivian Sobers, penned the most viewed Community Counsel blog article of the month with her February 21, 2014 post Does Solo Practice Make You Jaded? In her piece, Vivian reflects on the starry-eyed law school student that she used to be and wondered if that young girl would recognize the self-employed woman she has grown to become. Vivian’s blog series, Young, Hungry & Committed which describes her starting a solo law practice months after law school graduation, is published every Friday afternoon

NYC shared office spaceNeena Dutta. This month, corporate immigration attorney, Neena Dutta wrote an open letter to her colleagues in the form of blog article. Her February 5, 2014 blog article Dear Solo Attorney: STOP PANICKING! It is Just Sleet. Sincerely, Neena Dutta asks aloud why solo attorneys act so feebly in the face of something as predictable as snow in the winter.


Notable Community Events

downtown shared law office spaceHappier Hour. What if you threw a party and everyone attended? On February 27, 2014, Law Firm Suites found the answer out. We would like to thank the over 35 attendees of Happier Hour. Amidst the beer, wine, finger foods and outrageously good homemade baked foods from Robert Finkelstein, we know of at least 5 referrals that were exchanged. Happier Hour’s are part of the ongoing Law Firm Suites Community Development Program and occur 3 – 4 times per year. We look forward to seeing you at the next one

Community Collaborators

Lending a hand to help a colleague with a problem is part of what makes the Law Firm Suites’ Community great. We know of several “hallway” advice sessions that took place over the past month, but the following are examples of attorneys going “above and beyond” to help their colleagues.

  • Commercial litigator, Martin Shell, assisted real estate attorney, Joshua Nahum with transactional remedies over a disputed contractual clause.
  • Family law attorney, Rachel Silberstein, argued statutory interpretation about an esoteric interpretation with family law and mediation attorney, Nanette Buoneto.
  • Family law attorney, David Zaslavsky, aided matrimonial attorney, Anne McCarthy, with a case theory for an upcoming litigation.

NYC shared office space

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