Referrals Exchanged & Success Stories – January 2014

By Stephen Furnari - January 30, 2014
Referrals Exchanged & Success Stories – January 2014

A recap of another great month of referrals, collaboration and guest blog articles in Law Firm Suites’ Downtown shared law office space.

Despite the arctic air and a snow storm or two, the attorneys in Law Firm Suites’ Downtown shared law office space heated things up this month with several key referrals, money saving collaboration efforts, and informative guest blog articles.

January Referral Recap

We’d like to give special thanks to the following attorneys who referred client matters to their Law Firm Suites colleagues during the month of January:

  • Commercial litigator, Frank Monteleone, referred a patent litigation case to a LFS intellectual property firm, a project with a potential $40,000 in fees.
  • International tax and real estate attorney, Benjamin Tolub, referred a landlord/tenant case to a LFS real estate attorney, a project with a potential of $5,000 in fees, and an securities transaction project with a potential $33,000 fee.
  • Patent and IP attorney, Henry Cittone, referred a commercial bankruptcy case to a LFS bankruptcy attorney, a project with a minimum potential of $10,000 in fees.
  • Business immigration attorney, Neena Dutta, referred a corporate litigation case to a LFS employment lawyer, a project with a potential $2,500 in fees.
  • Trusts and estates attorney, Peter Arcese, referred an immigration case to a LFS immigration attorney, a project with a potential $5,000 in fees.
  • Trademark attorney, Jane Linowitz, referred two collections cases to a LFS judgement enforcement attorney, projects with a total potential of $10,000 in fees.
  • Immigration attorney, Charles Conroy, referred a divorce case to a LFS matrimonial attorney, a project with a potential $1,500 in fees.
  • Family law and mediation attorney, Nanette Buoneto referred ongoing appearance work to a LFS matrimonial attorney, an ongoing project worth $1,000 in potential fees.

Of course, these referrals only represent those that we were aware of (because they were coordinated through LFS staff or clients told us about them). Every month there are dozens of other referrals that take place without our direct involvement or knowledge. Want your efforts recognized? Just let us know when you’ve referred a case to another LFS client!

January Guest Bloggers

Stuart Reich | Corporate Immigration AttorneyStuart J. Reich. Corporate immigration attorney and, apparently, social media ethics expert, Stuart Reich, penned a really interesting (and popular) article about the ethics of customer reviews on social media websites like LinkedIn, Yelp or Facebook. Think about it, if your firm gets an unsolicited recommendation from a non-client — who has no basis to make the recommendation (they’ve never experienced your services) — is that misleading and, therefor, violative of professional responsibility rules? Find out the answer in Stu’s article, The Ethics of Using Online “Customer Reviews” in Attorney Marketing, that was published on January 7, 2014. We give the article a 5 Star review.

Vivian Sobers | Commercial LitigatorVivian Sobers. Commercial litigation attorney and LFS’s resident blogger, Vivian Sobers, struck a cord with Community Counsel Blog readers with her January 10, 2014 article Vivian Sobers Takes a Well-Deserved Break. In the article, Vivian explained how she tore herself away from her practice to recharge with a short staycation. Vivian’s blog series, Young, Hungry & Committed, which describes her journey starting a solo law practice months after law school graduation, is published every Friday afternoon.

NYC shared office spaceNeena Dutta. This month, LFS blogger and corporate immigration wizard, Neena Dutta, gets the award for the best line since launching the Community Counsel Blog. When asked what her hobbies are in a January 8, 2014 blog article about just that, Dutta replied: “Now that I work for myself- I do whatever the hell I like. That’s my hobby.” Read Neena’s popular blog series, Bigger than BigLaw: The Dutta Diaries where she describes how she left a high-paying BigLaw job for the excitement and financial freedom of a solo law practice.

Community Collaborators

Lending a hand to help a colleague with a problem is part of what makes the Law Firm Suites’ Community great. We know of several “hallway” advice sessions that took place over the past month, but the following is an example of attorneys going “above and beyond” to help their colleagues.

  • Commercial litigators, Finkelstein Platt, P.C., assisted personal injury lawyer, Yana Rubin with questions concerning a corporate formation.
  • Trusts and Estates lawyer, Thomas Chu, family law attorney, Joleena Louis and Family law and mediation attorney, Nanette Buoneto helped each other decided if a consumer based attorney should charge an initial consultation fee. The verdict: Yes, unless the potential client was referred from a known source.
  • Real estate attorney, Jonathan Geballe, assisted IP attorney, Stephen Kunen with questions concerning a complex real estate transaction.
  • Immigration attorney, Aaron Shapiro, assisted immigration attorney, Stuart Reich, with a case theory he had used successful in the past to obtain a client a temporary visa.

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