Law Firm Suites Announces New Attorney Marketing Blog Series: Marketing Mondays

By Law Firm Suites - November 14, 2013
Law Firm Suites Announces New Attorney Marketing Blog Series: Marketing Mondays

Law Firm Suites announces new attorney marketing blog series, Marketing Mondays, aimed at providing self-employed attorneys practical strategies that are successfully executed by other small firm attorneys to attract and retain new clients.

For self-employed attorneys, when it comes to law firm marketing, there are three truths:

1. Finding new clients is a constant hustle.
2. Few lawyers have stellar marketing skills.
3. Most of the folks who teach legal marketing have never practiced law!

Frequently there is a disconnect between the advice marketing professionals dole out, and its application in a busy law practice.

“In a small firm practice, there is a constant struggle to manage your case load, handle the administrative demands of your practice, and to market consistently,” says Law Firm Suites’ founder and corporate attorney, Stephen Furnari.  “At Law Firm Suites, we refer to this struggle as the Three-Headed Monster of small firm legal practice.”

New Blog Series Teaches ‘Real-World’ Marketing Strategy

Marketing Monday-IntroStarting Monday, November 18, 2013, Law Firm Suites will begin publishing a weekly blog series called Marketing Mondays aimed at helping solo and small firm attorneys attract and retain new clients.

“We will be focusing on real-world marketing strategies that have been executed successfully by the small firm attorneys in our Community,” says Furnari.  “This will not be theoretical marketing ‘mumbo jumbo’ meant for any service professional.”

Four Blog Series Written Specifically for Self-Employed Attorneys

The Marketing Mondays is the newest addition to Law Firm Suites’ growing collection of blog series, which include:

Young, Hungry & Committed, which chronicles virtual office NYC lawyer, Vivian Sobers, who started a law practice directly out of law school.

Bigger than Biglaw: The Dutta Diaries, where corporate immigration attorney, Neena Dutta, shares her journey from former Biglaw employee to solo practitioner.

Shop Talk, a monthly blog series written by Furnari that delves into the nitty gritty of small law firm practice, including unvarnished talk about the day-to-day issues that come up when running your own law practice.

Observations from Reception, a semi-monthly series written by Law Firm Suites’ non-attorney staff, designed to give lawyers a different perspective about their habits (good and bad), and how their behavior affects relationships with their clients.

Marketing Topics to be Covered

Next Monday’s article will discusses the “8 contact rule of sales”, how it applies to a law practice and tips to implement it to consistently land more clients.

Upcoming articles will cover topics such as the merit of print advertising in a social media age, search engine optimization for attorneys, blogging that can land clients and networking techniques that minimize wasted time.

“We’re really proud of the content that we are publishing in the Community Counsel Blog,” says Furnari. “We are writing articles to meet the specific needs of self-employed attorneys and, so far, our content has been very well received as evidenced by our growing readership.”

Marketing Mondays will be published every Monday at or before 4:00PM Eastern Time. Follow this link to see new articles and archives.

About Law Firm Suites and the Community Counsel Blog

Law Firm Suites is New York City’s leading provider of shared law office space, virtual law office rentals and temporary conference room rentals exclusively for the legal profession. Law Firm Suites’ Community Counsel Blog publishes practical tips, advice and news that is relevant to self-employed solo and small firm attorneys.

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