Telecommunications Policy

Updated: June 24, 2014
Effective: June 24, 2014

Provided Client is not in default of its service agreement, LFS will make available to Client a telecommunications package at any time during the Term.

Multi-line, multi-function telephones, outgoing and incoming facsimile services (collectively, the “Telecommunications System”) are available to Client. The monthly charge for phone service is listed on LFS’ Rate Sheet, plus applicable sales taxes. This fee includes local and domestic long distance toll charges. Client will be responsible for its international toll charges.

The number of Phone Subscribers may be increased or decreased by Client at any time by written notice received by LFS within 30 days prior to the first of any calendar month.

LFS will instruct Client on the proper usage of the Telecommunications System. Payment for these services will be subject to the same terms and conditions as those governing the payment of other fees under Client’s service agreement.

For an additional monthly fee of $100, Client can acquire an additional phone for each Phone Subscriber to be used in Client’s office or home that mirrors the User’s priory phone (i.e. having the identical IP address, extension, direct dial number and voice mailbox) (a “Mirror Phone”). For each Mirror Phone, there will be a one-time $395 set-up charge.

For the purposes of this Agreement, a “Phone Subscriber” shall mean each user of a telephone that requires a direct dial telephone number, individual extension or voice mailbox. LFS contemplates that the Client’s guests shall be permitted to use Client’s phone and such guests shall not be considered a Phone Subscriber.

In the event the Client opts to use the Telecommunications System, Client shall work with LFS staff to port Client’s telephone numbers. In the event that Client ports existing telephone numbers (the “Ported Lines”) in connection with its use of the Telecommunications System, such numbers will be assigned to LFS’s account with its telephone provider.

Upon the expiration of this Agreement, or at any time as instructed by Client, provided Client is not in default of its service agreement, LFS will, as soon as possible and upon receipt of the appropriate paperwork from Client, instruct its telephone carrier to port the Ported Lines to any telephone carrier designated by Client. Client shall be responsible for the payment of all telephone technology time required to port Client’s phone numbers into and out of its telephone account.

All telephone numbers and equipment assigned to Client other than the Ported Lines will remain at all times the property of LFS and Client will acquire no rights in the components of the Telecommunications System whatsoever. If within 15 days from the Expiration of the Term LFS does not receive a request from Client to port any Ported Lines away from the Telecommunications System, then such Ported Lines shall immediately become the property of LFS and can be reassigned to other clients.

Clients opting into the Telecommunications System shall not use such system for telemarketing, cold-calling, phone bank or high volume telephonic customer support purposes.

Client hereby agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and to reimburse LFS for all charges associated with (1) any toll fraud traceable to telecommunications services provided by LFS to Client including, but not limited to, unauthorized use by Client or Client’s Users (as hereinafter defined) of calling cards or telephone lines, and (2) any advertising costs of Client involving the telephone number assigned to it, including, without limitation, yellow pages advertising (it being understood that LFS is under no obligation to procure such advertising and that any such advertising by Client is subject to the Operations Standards).