Rate Sheet


Client Conference Room Rates

 Financial District

Item Price
Conference Rooms A & B $65/hour
Conference Room C $45/hour
Conference Room D $75/hour
Additional Monthly Bundle*
5 Hours $175/month (46% discount)
10 Hours $199/month (69% discount)
20 Hours $299/month (77% discount)

 Midtown East

Item Price
Conference Room 1 $65 per hour
Conference Room 2 (Board Room) $120 per hour

*Minimum 90-day commitment required, one-month advance written notice to terminate or downgrade.

Copier Services


Item Price
Fax – Incoming Free
Fax – Outgoing $0.08 page
Photocopies (B&W) $0.11 page
Photocopies (B&W by Assistant) $0.19 page
Photocopies (Color) $0.85 page
Photocopies (Color by Assistant) $1.15 page
Scan (B&W) $0.08 page
Scan (B&W by Assistant) $0.16 page
Scan (Color) $0.80 page
Scan (Color by Assistant) $1.10 page


Facility Services


Item Price
Chair Mat $50
Dedicated Electrical Outlet Install $495 each
Dumpster $300 per container
Handyman $150 per hour
File Storage $50 – $150 mos. per rack
Freight Elevator
(Additional Usage & Off Hours)
$295 per hour
Signage Setup $250
Sign Maintenance (Virtual Office Only) $25/mo


IT Services


Item Price
Additional Internet/Telephone Receptacle $300 per port
IT Tech Charge See staff for rates
Server Room Storage $65 mos./server machine



Mail & Delivery Services


Item Price
Mail Forwarding Service $4 per package + cost of postage
Open & Scan Services $99/month + cost of scans
Messenger Service $30 per envelope w/in Manhattan
Agent for Service of Process $99 per year


Telephone Services


Item Price
Telephone/Per User $75/month per person
Live Reception Services $150/month $150 one time set-up fee
Call Forwarding Services $47/month
212 number $500 set-up fee
646 number $150 set-up fee
Telephone Number Port Services $225 per hour
Telephone Tech Charge $225 per hour
Third Party Telephone $47/mo per phone


Temporary Workspace (upon availability)


Item Price
Executive Office Rental $150 half day / $275 day
Private Office Rental $125 half day / $200 day
Workstation Rental $20 hour* / $35 half day / $65day
*requires a one-hour minimum

Billing Services


Item Price
Late Fee 5% of late amount
Returned Check Fee $50


*All rates subject to sales tax where applicable.