Executive Suite for Law Firms

Office rentals, virtual office, coworking and litigation war room rentals exclusively for attorneys.
Anne Arundel County, Maryland

    Office Rentals

    Plug-and-play office options available for every budget.

    Virtual Office Rentals

    Premium commercial address, law office grade services with a robust referral community.


    Floating and permanent deskspace gets you the perks of an office rental for a virtual office price.

    Conference Room Rentals

    Temporary conference room rentals for depositions, closings or litigation war rooms.

    Litigation War Room Rentals

    Temporary war room rentals near courts for law firms on trial.

Our Maryland executive suites are best experienced in person.


What is an executive suite for law firms?

If you visit one of Maryland executive suites, what you will find is a working law office, not dissimilar from traditional legal suite. But, the big difference is that our suites are professionally managed (not run by the partner of another law firm who is too busy practicing to care about your firm’s needs), and the community is carefully cultivated to maximize co-counsel opportunities and referrals between suitemates. All this is handled by staff that is specifically trained to service the unique needs of attorneys. As a result, you get the most ethically compliant shared office space available in Maryland, where you will spend less time managing office logistics and more time billing clients.

Our executive suites for law firms in Anne Arundel County feel like a law office space. Plus, no one lawyer gets any more prominence and priority than any other. The benefit to you is that your clients will just assume the entire legal suite, and all the staff, belongs to you and your firm. It’s our job to play along!

Is an executive suite in Anne Arundel County
a good fit for your law firm?

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