Coworking Space in Anne Arundel County

Permanent and floating workspace memberships available for lawyers.

    Get inspired

    Working alongside other successful attorneys will get you inspired, making you more productive. Even with just a couple of days in the office you'll see a big difference.

    Collaborate and earn

    Isolation is the biggest danger for solos. From practice tips to co-counsel opportunities to referrals, our community will be one of your most valued assets.

    Reduce overhead

    Coworking is the perfect balance of on-demand professional workspace when you need it, but without the expense or commitment of a full-time office.

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coworking space for lawyers anne arundel county

What is Law Firm Suites’ Maryland coworking space like?

If you don’t have the privacy and quiet to get legal work done, you may as well stay at home. Our coworking space is more law library study lounge than foosball playing hipster-zone.

For attorneys, there can be a substantial benefit to coworking with other lawyers, including a steady stream of client referrals or the convenience of asking a suitemate a practice question, which can save hours of research time. This is certainly the case at Law Firm Suites, which generates about $3 million in annual referrals for its clients through its unique referral system.

Expect more of a law library study lounge than techie hipster-zone.


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Is a coworking space in Anne Arundel County a good fit for you?

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