About Jason Huf

R. Jason Huf, Principal at JASON HUF INTERNATIONAL, pc, is a New York-based transactional business attorney with offices in NYC and Jeddah, KSA. Mr. Huf is admitted to practice law in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and focuses on commercial, corporate, banking and energy law, with years of experience working in Middle Eastern legal systems. He also has interests in alternative education solutions, contractual matters for certain classes of individuals and trusts and estates law. Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Huf served as Fire Commissioner for his hometown of Mount Holly, NJ. For more about Mr. Huf and his practice, please visit www.huflaw.com.

International Business Attorney, R. Jason Huf, discusses how attorneys can build a strong personal brand. You aren’t Corn Flakes, Coca-Cola, Apple or Ford, but you are running a business, and you want to distinguish the services you provide from those […]

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