2024 Travel Tips for Busy Attorneys Who Need to Unplug

By Stephen Furnari - July 2, 2024
2024 Travel Tips for Busy Attorneys Who Need to Unplug

From remote escapes in Antarctica to budget-friendly European destinations, busy Attorneys deserve to know the best places to unplug and recharge! Explore unique travel ideas and maximize your vacation budget with expert advice from travel professional, Nancy Cushing!

As the CEO-of-Everything in your law practice, you have to carve out a break every once in a while. And, the more difficult it is for you to be reached, the better! We asked travel professional (and member of LFS’s sister brand Ripple Coworking), Nancy Cushing of Cushy Adventures, for her best vacation recommendations for people who need some time to disconnect. Incidentally, we spoke to Nancy while she was on a 4-week nature photography trip to a remote area of Wyoming and received amazing insight alongside some beautiful pictures!

Best Places to Unplug

Antarctica and African safaris present unique opportunities to engage in extraordinary adventures while disconnecting from the routine… Wyoming boasts stunning landscapes, diverse natural marvels, and wildlife encounters, all accessible without the necessity of a passport.

Trendy Destinations for 2024

Greece & Italy are always popular for their rich culture, delicious food and beautiful landscapes. History enthusiasts find places like Athens incredibly rewarding due to its abundance of preserved ruins and ancient architecture.

Travel Ideas for the Family

Cruises are an amazing value with lots of unique destinations to explore, and plenty of onboard activities for children and adults, making it a win-win for both kids and parents! Hawaii or Galapagos Islands, with diverse wildlife and nature experiences, are great for multi-generational trips.

Best Value Destinations

Hoping to get the best BANG for your BUCK? Explore destinations with a favorable exchange rate to the U.S. dollar and maximize your travel budget! Dreaming of exploring Europe? Consider these budget-friendly destinations: Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, and Hungary. Canada is an excellent travel destination for 2024 since your American dollar will have 25% more purchasing power!

Ready to go on Vacation, But Don’t Have Time to Plan One?

When in the same boat, we enlisted the help of travel pro Nancy Cushing (cushyadventures.com). We just got back from a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise with the whole family and had an amazing time!

How to Get In Touch with Travel Pro, Nancy Cushing

Nancy Cushing and Cushy Adventures are valued members of Law Firm Suites’ Florida-based sister company, Ripple Coworking.

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