International Abduction, Harassed by USPS, Russian Persecution: 3 Big Wins for LFS Members [Community Counsel]

By Stephen Furnari - May 28, 2024
International Abduction, Harassed by USPS, Russian Persecution: 3 Big Wins for LFS Members [Community Counsel]

Three Law Firm Suites members share recent “Big Wins” including an international abduction case, a harassment case against the USPS and a successful asylum outcome for a Russian couple persecuted for their anti-war beliefs.

Big Wins for Law Firm Suites Attorney Clients

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Abducted Across Borders

Attorney Sandro Monteblanco’s International Battle To Reunite A Mother And Her Children

As if divorce and custody proceedings weren’t challenging enough, imagine your foreign national ex abducts your children to dodge custody laws, and it takes nearly four years to get them back. Such was the case for a client of international lawyer Sandro Monteblanco, whose practice areas focus on international disputes involving family, corporate, and criminal law for American expats.

Monteblanco’s firm represented a New York mother whose ex-husband illegally took their dual-citizen children to Spain, sparking an international legal battle. Despite obstacles, including jurisdictional challenges as the father moved the children across Europe, Monteblanco filed abduction charges and secured international travel bans.

In April 2024, the children were finally recovered when the father’s travels triggered enforcement of the bans. Monteblanco’s strategic persistence led to the mother’s reunion with her children, though the trauma of abduction lingered. Monteblanco continues to pursue criminal charges against the father and efforts to revoke his residency status in the U.S.

See an infographic timeline of Sandro Monteblanco’s legal maneuverings in the full story here.

Return to Sender

After a 7-Year Legal Battle, Attorney Felicia Nestor Delivers Justice To A Single Mother In Epic Case Against The U.S. Postal Service

New York employment lawyer, Felicia Nestor, won a $375K settlement for a former USPS employee after a seven-year legal battle over sexual harassment and retaliatory termination. The client, a single mother, endured nearly a year of relentless stalking, harassment, and intimidation by her supervisor.

Following years of legal maneuvering and advocacy, the case culminated in a favorable settlement for Felicia’s client after an administrative judge found the USPS liable for sexual harassment and retaliatory termination, but prior to a hearing to determine the degree of damages. USPS lawyers repeatedly assured Nestor that they would appeal the liability finding and any award of damages, so the client decided to settle in lieu of the continued burden of further litigation. Felicia finds solace in her unwavering commitment to fighting for her clients’ rights until the very end.

Click here to read the full story about Felicia Nestor’s epic battle with the USPS.

Anti-War Couple Evades Persecution

Dedicated Immigration Lawyer Irene Vaisman Secures a Safe New Start For a Russian Couple Seeking Asylum In The United States

Immigration lawyer Irene Vaisman successfully helped a young Russian couple secure asylum in the United States, ensuring a fresh start after fleeing persecution. The couple, aged 38 and 32, were ethnic Kalmyks who faced severe threats in Russia due to their outspoken political views against the war in Ukraine. Through meticulous preparation, including a comprehensive application and supporting documents, Vaisman effectively addressed DHS concerns, highlighting the couple’s fear of future persecution and dispelling concerns about military service.

The case sheds light on broader ethnic discrimination issues in Russia, particularly among impoverished communities of Russian Asians. The couple, who entered the U.S. via the Southern Border, are now thriving, with the husband employed at a large financial institution and the wife pursuing English studies. Their journey underscores the importance of dedicated legal representation in navigating the complexities of asylum cases.

To learn more about immigration lawyer Irene Vaisman’s efforts to get asylum for this Russian couple, click here.

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