Top 10 Articles on Bringing in the Money

By Law Firm Suites - August 13, 2023
Top 10 Articles on Bringing in the Money

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Law Firm Suites provides blog content to help aspiring and established solo attorneys and small law firms alike. As with any business, having a steady flow of income is crucial to your success. On this blog, we have gathered the top 10 must-read articles on bringing in the money.

How To Save Time & Money With Deposition Summaries

Any legal case or litigation involves deposition. It plays a crucial role in the handling of witness testimonies. Over the last few years, there has been a steady rise in the use of deposition summaries which offer a plethora of benefits that paralegals now find very useful. However, it’s not an easy job to prepare an effective deposition summary. Hiring deposition summary services for you would solve a lot of your headaches. 

How To Master The Money Conversation

A common issue I hear from other lawyers is that they find it difficult to get paid. In my experience, combating these issues starts before you are even hired by the potential client. By being upfront about your fees and how you expect to be paid, it’s easier to manage clients expectations and weed out potential clients who will have a problem paying down the line.

Shop Talk: Clients Who Don’t Pay Piss Me Off

The number of clients who just don’t pay their legal bills never ceases to amaze me. Frankly, it pisses me off. You’d think that clients would think twice about stiffing a professional who is in the lawsuit business, but they do not. It used to happen to my firm more frequently, but over the years I’ve modified our billing practices to eliminate many sources of collection problems.  Yet, despite our best efforts, problems still come up.

Going Solo Practice Without Going Broke

After years of being with a firm, corporation or in public service, hanging out your own shingle can be more than a little worrisome. There’s practice management, the issue of drumming up clients, and the cost and risk of a solo practice. This can be intimidating. But, with all of the possible downsides, the benefits are certainly intriguing.

Why Money Alone Wasn’t Enough To Achieve Success as a Solo

If money is your only motivation, you’re not going to be successful as a solo attorney. The lawyers I know whose motivation, or why, is based on their clients, their passion for their practice area or their challenging cases always seem to be the happiest. The least satisfied attorneys I meet are those who practice a certain area of law simply because the money is good.

What To Do When Your Firm Is Close To Losing A Big Client

There is nothing more nerve-wracking to a solo or small law firm than the prospect of losing a major client. Of course, all business relationships come to a close at some point, but especially with our larger clients, the thought of losing the security blanket that comes with them can be terrifying to most solo and small firms. It isn’t difficult to know when things are rocky (or at least have some sort of gut feeling that something is off) and we can tell that the relationship might be drawing to an end. So if you get this feeling, what should you be doing? Follow these six recommendations to help manage the potential loss of a big client.

5 Expenses Solos Fail To Prepare For

Starting a solo practice can be inexpensive, for example leveraging free tools and a home office can help if you keep your overhead low, but there are some expenses that many new solos may not consider. These expenses can quickly inflate your monthly bill to an unreasonable amount. And before you know if, your once inexpensive solo law firm has become overwhelmingly expensive.

The Sacrifices Lawyers Have Made When Starting Their Own Practices

Whether you are just finishing up law school and can’t find a job, or you’re leaving a firm to pave your own path, there are some things every solo lawyer has in common. Almost every solo lawyer has had to make sacrifices in order to start their own practice.

How to Run a Law Practice on Less Than $400 Per Month

You’ve decided you want to start your own law practice. It’s a huge, life-changing move, but you finally feel ready to fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss. It’s exciting, but now the planning begins. Smart financial planning and thorough research were the two things that helped intellectual property and litigation attorney, Arthur Spence*, the most when he first launched his solo practice.

The Limits Of Buying A Cheap Virtual Office

A virtual office is typically conducive to a package arrangement and is much cheaper than a traditional office rental. A virtual arrangement has basic level amenities such as the use of the commercial mailing address and collecting and forwarding of incoming mail. Conference room and day office usage can also be worked into an agreement but this varies from center to center. 

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