Find a Community in a Virtual Office

By Law Firm Suites - May 23, 2023
Find a Community in a Virtual Office

A virtual office in New York with a vibrant community of other attorneys can provide your firm the collaborative possibilities necessary for you to practice as effectively as possible.

Over the past five years, marketing analysts have documented an emerging trend that many self-employed attorneys are choosing to practice from the comfort of their own homes. Forward thinking home-based attorneys are choosing a virtual office New York City address to bolster their credibility among their peers and gain access to an open community of like-minded colleagues, all while maintaining the work/life balance of home-based self-employment.

A virtual office in New York is more than just a credible commercial mailing address.

By being selective about the virtual office provider you choose, a home-based attorney can get access to a vibrant community of collaborative peers that will keep them connected to other practitioners and substantially enhance their legal practice. The end result:

  • Saved time;
  • Save money; and
  • Significantly reduced malpractice exposure.

For example, one of our virtual office clients, an attorney who practices mainly out of her home in Queens, recently needed help interpreting a clause in a commercial real estate contract. She was retained by her client to form multiple corporations and an ancillary real estate issue arose through the course of her representation. She contacted us for advice.

I immediately connected her with another virtual office client, a Westchester-based real estate attorney and implored them to schedule a brief phone call to discuss the issue. Within an hour, I received a return phone call from the Staten Island attorney thanking me for the connection.

She explained that her initial interpretation was “off” and it would have taken her considerably more time than the quick phone call to research the issue on her own. Interactions like these are exceedingly common among lawyers in a robust virtual office community.

In the end, she saved her client money and negotiated a more favorable contract on his behalf, opening the door to doing additional work with him in the future.

Legal practice frequently requires the input of other attorneys to work out theories or to quickly find that esoteric form that would otherwise have taken you three hours to find on your own. Finding a virtual office provider that has a vibrant community of willing collaborators will save your practice valuable time and money.

Often, it’s the lack of connection with peers that is the biggest drawback to practicing in a home-based office.

Practicing from home can be a great decision for yourself and your family. But, no lawyer is an island. A virtual office with a vibrant community of other attorneys can provide your firm the collaborative possibilities necessary for you to practice as effectively as possible.

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