Top 10 Articles on the Benefits of Conference Room Rentals

By Law Firm Suites - April 30, 2023
Top 10 Articles on the Benefits of Conference Room Rentals

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Law Firm Suites provides blog content to help aspiring and established solo attorneys and small law firms alike. On this blog, we have gathered the top 10 must-read articles on the benefits of conference room rentals. Continue reading and see the benefit of this content.

You Should Know Proper Etiquette When It Comes To Conference Rooms

Having great conference rooms is a key feature in terms of shared office space. Proper etiquette is something you should practice with your suitemates. Conference rooms; Not only are they a good resource for attorneys, but they are also an important part of an attorney’s path to success. A lot of an attorney’s time is spent sitting across a table and conducting meetings, whether it be a consultation, deposition, or closing. When using conference rooms, it is extremely important to demonstrate the best etiquette, especially in a shared space. If you don’t you may be depleting your chances of referral potential indefinitely.

Conference Room Rentals Definitely Have Their Advantage

Conference room rentals may be what your solo or small firm needs for its temporary space usage. What is a conference room rental? A conference room rental is a room typically in an executive office center used for the purpose of meetings, seminars, training events, and so forth. They are typically on a temporary basis and its usage is paid for on a need-only basis. For a small firm or solo attorney, conference room rental can be used for many purposes.

Cut your Firm’s Expenses with Conference Room Rentals

Discover how the right conference room rental can save your firm time, money and headache! Whether you are a solo attorney or a partner in a large firm, hosting a meeting outside your firm’s main office in a rented conference room can add serious value to your firm’s bottom line. Since the economic melt-down in 2008, our profession has become increasingly mobile. Subject to bar admissions, the days of using “geographic distance” as an excuse not to retain a client are behind us. There’s a growing trend among forward-thinking attorneys to rely on temporary workspaces for client meetings, depositions, closings and war rooms in lieu of carrying the extra overhead associated with long-term rental commitments.

A Conference Room Rental Can Do Wonders For Your Bottom Line

Anyone can benefit from a conference room rental, whether it is a solo law practitioner or a large law firm. Your firm’s bottom line can reap the benefits in doing so. What is a conference room rental? Conference room rentals are temporary-basis rooms used by groups, associations, or law firms to conduct events such as a conference, meeting, training event, or seminar. Law firms of all shapes and sizes use conference room rental for a variety of reasons.

How do Firms Leverage Conference Room Rentals in Executive Offices to Increase Their Bottom Line?

Whether you are a solo attorney or a partner in a large firm, hosting a meeting outside your firm’s main office in a rented conference room can add serious value to your firm’s bottom line. An average conference room size is 400 square feet. If your firm pays $35.00 per square foot under its office lease, that conference room has a base cost of $1,517 per month when factoring in the 30% loss rate found in most urban commercial office buildings. Compare the “real cost” of an extra conference room with the “real cost” of renting a conference room from an executive office center.

Stop Meeting Potential Referral Sources in Coffee Shops. Be Unique and Try one of These Ideas Instead

Make a more impactful and memorable impression on your potential referral sources by avoiding the boring overused coffee shop meeting. “Do you want to meet for coffee sometime soon?” This is one of the most common ways for solos or small firms to try to network or follow up from a prior meeting. The meet at a coffee shop routine has been overplayed. Instead of defaulting to a coffee date, why not try to meet your peers and referral sources in a more exciting way? You’ll make a more lasting impact on your new colleague and increase the likelihood of being on the receiving end of some new business.

How Conference Room Rentals Can Help Your Practice

Needing a space to do business can happen at a moment’s notice with attorneys. Sometimes your office may not have the space to do it. If it is only for temporary needs, leveraging a conference room rental in an executive center can reduce the overhead costs as opposed to acquiring a space that won’t always be used. Certain events like depositions and closings are not long-term, therefore seeking out a conference room rental may be the most suitable option.

What You Need To Know About Temporary Meeting Rooms for your Firm

The most obvious reason behind using a temporary conference room is the need for the space. Some firms or companies just do not have access to the necessary space in their offices for a particular event. Many times, it is more cost-effective for a company or law firm to rent temporary space on a one-time or monthly basis than to maintain a similar sized space under their own commercial lease. Convenience is also a prime factor in choosing a temporary meeting room.

The “Written” And “Unwritten” Rules of Conference Room Etiquette

Conference room usage is an integral part of an attorney’s path to success, especially the attorney in a shared office space. An attorney in a shared space must always be aware of proper conference room etiquette because it can have an effect on one’s referral potential. A rude suitemate is never well-liked and in a shared office space for attorneys, you may be killing your chances of increasing your referral potential. Good behavior in any sense is obvious, but when it comes to conference room time in a shared office space it is critical. However, many still do not recognize this fact.

Temporary Meeting Rooms Give Attorneys A Reason To Be Excited

As an attorney, your work is really based on the cases you take and how frequent you see your clients. The need to meet can sometimes happen instantaneously and your office may not have the space for it. Temporary meeting spaces solve this issue and don’t promote huge costs like a leased space would, especially if you do not use it all the time. Certain lawyer-specific meetings are short-term. Seeking a temporary room may just be the best option indefinitely.


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