Top 10 Articles on Turning Consultations into New Business

By Law Firm Suites - September 18, 2022
Top 10 Articles on Turning Consultations into New Business

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Law Firm Suites provides weekly blog content to help aspiring and established solo attorneys and small law firms alike. On this blog, we have gathered the top 10 must-read articles to help your firm turn consults into new business. Continue reading and see the benefit of this content.

3 Ways to Make Your Virtual Consultations More Enjoyable and Productive

A lot of lawyers are spending more time in virtual consultations versus in-person ones, and odds are this won’t change for a while. Since we are in this new form of normal, it is going to be worth your while to ensure these virtual meetings are more enjoyable and productive for everyone. Virtual consultations, whether they are via a video chat or conference call are mentally draining. Likely due to the fact that most are not well executed or engaging. The goal here isn’t to make virtual consultations more like their in-person counterparts.

The Dutta Diaries: Free Legal Consultations – You Get What You Pay For

Neena describes the increased pressure a solo practitioner has to give free legal consultations, and how it negatively affects her immigration clients, and her practice. The fact that I earn a living by charging for legal advice does not dissuade potential clients from trying to milk every ounce of free advice from my law firm. It seems that free legal advice, now easily searchable on the Internet, has only made this more prevalent.

Basic Consultation Tips Potential Clients Need To Know

Most attorneys acquire cases through referrals or word of mouth advertising. This is why it is important to have a good reputation surrounding your firm. Even if you aren’t able to help with a potential client’s case it never hurts to offer up some crucial advice during your consultation that can help them as they search for the right attorney.

How To Improve Your Law Firm’s Virtual Consultation Techniques

Virtual consultations are a huge part of lawyer’s sales techniques, follow these tips to help turn more virtual consultations into paying clients. For many lawyers, phone and video chat consultations have been a part of their sales arsenal for years. However, now more than ever, lawyers are turning to these technological solutions to keep their practice moving, without having to physically meet their clients or potential clients in person. But selling your services and practice is not an easy thing to do, especially when you now have to do it via a zoom call. Use this guide as a refresher checklist, an outline, and a roadmap to restructure your law firm’s virtual sales strategy. That way you’re prepared and ready to not only connect with potential clients but to convert them to paying clients too.

I Get More Clients With My System For Initial Consults

Like any busy solo, I am constantly looking for ways to get more clients. As my practice gets busier, it’s harder to get more clients by simply spending more time on marketing. There are only so many hours in a day. Over the past year I have taken a serious look at my processes in hopes of making my practice more efficient, especially my marketing > consult > closing > onboarding process. By doing this, I am able to get better results with the same amount of lead traffic.

Should Attorneys Charge a Consultation Fee?

Lawyers have to balance time spent obtaining clients versus time spent working on client matters. In high volume consumer practices, charging a small consultation fee will weed out people looking for free legal advice. But in low volume, high priced practices (corporate transactional, complex litigation), a consult fee may be perceived as insulting to potential clients, particularly if they are referred by a colleague.

4 Tips for Small Firm Attorneys to Convert Leads into Clients

With these 4 tips, NYC shared office space attorneys can consistently convert more leads into clients, even when they are jammed up on trial or juggling deals.  Attorneys tend to be inconsistent with prospect follow up. In particular, for solo attorneys and small firm lawyers, who are always one trial or deal from being completely overwhelmed, client follow-up happens inconsistently. The result is perpetually inconsistent revenues. You finish a trial or close a deal only to end up with a dry pipeline of new business. To make sure that leads continue to get nurtured into clients (even when you’re most busy) we recommended implementing a system to execute the 8 points of contact.

4 Lessons Every Young or New Lawyer Needs To Know

Whether you’re seeking professional success or trying to avoid learning the hard way, follow this advice to help develop and grow your legal career. If you’re a new lawyer and starting the journey as a practicing attorney then there are tons of things you will need to quickly learn. No matter if you are starting your own solo practice, joining a small law firm, or jumping right into big law, you’re going to need some help and guidance if you hope to succeed. But figuring out what those lessons are in advance is way easier said than done, otherwise, everyone would be prepared and ready to take on those challenges no problem! That is where we would like to step in and help. Here are four specific pieces of advice to consider for the first few years of law practice. Hopefully, they can help you avoid having to learn them the hard way.

5 Guaranteed Tips That Will Help Lawyers Improve Their Sales And Close More Deals

Converting leads into paying clients is a challenge that every lawyer is going to face day in day out. In the past, lawyers built a book of business by advertising in the yellow pages, direct mail, radio, newsletters, cold calling, and word of mouth. Today the main and most effective method of marketing is either online marketing or networking. And as a result, those who are looking to hire a lawyer are spoiled with access to tons of information. Meaning they are already more informed than before and as a result, the sales process is going to need to change too.

4 Proven Ways To Ensure You Work With More Of Your Ideal Clients

Working with the right client is one of the best ways to grow your practice. This article will help you work with more of your ideal clients. There are many ways to quickly grow a solo or small law firm, but there’s one thing that will have the quickest and greatest results, only working with your ideal clients. Making it easier for you to become the go-to expert with your niche and for your colleagues to refer new clients to you with ease. Anyone who runs a solo or small law firm knows that it’s far easier and more enjoyable to work with clients whom you connect with and truly understand. It may seem like a myth that someone could scale a law firm to the point where you solely work with your ideal’ clients, but with the right practices, it’s easier than you may think.

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