Top 10 Articles on Capturing and Converting Leads into Clients

By Law Firm Suites - July 24, 2022
Top 10 Articles on Capturing and Converting Leads into Clients

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Law Firm Suites provides weekly blog content to help aspiring and established solo attorneys and small law firms alike. On this blog, we have gathered the top 10 must-read articles to help you with your firm’s lead capture and conversion. Continue reading and see the benefit of this content.

Are you Converting Leads into Clients?

By improving your shared office space New York law firm’s conversion rate, you can quickly increase revenues without spending a dime on additional marketing campaigns. I listened in on a webinar called 12 Critical Numbers That Determine The Success Or Failure Of Your Law Firm. It was given by Stephen Fairley, one of the nation’s legal marketing consultants and the president of The Rainmaker Institute. In the Webinar, Stephen advised that there are several key performance indicators every lawyer should know about their practice and one of the more important is your conversion rate.

Closing the Deal: How to Convert Leads into Paying Clients [Infographic]

There’s nothing more important to the success of your law firm than closing a deal – converting a lead into a paying and happy client. While it’s crucial to focus on continued personal and professional growth, create engaging marketing materials, exchange warm emails, and conduct successful calls and consultations, at the end of the day every lawyer needs to know how to turn leads into clients or their practice cannot survive. Knowing how to sell is an essential skill for any Lawyer. But for those of us who don’t have much experience in selling, or who may be more technical rather than business-minded, it might seem like something you just have to be born with.

4 Tips on How to Get More Leads with Facebook Ads

If you’re trying to build a larger audience and find new leads for your law firm then Facebook ads are something you’ll want to check out. But using them correctly and most efficiently can be tricky. To get this ball rolling, here are four strategies you can use to find leads that don’t require a doctorate in Facebook ads. You have to create something that appeals to what your client wants or fears most, where your legal services are part of the solution. Then put it out there and wait for them to come back to you.

Your Biggest Mistake When Converting Law Firm Leads into Clients

You’re out there hustling for new business, but you’re not converting as many leads into clients as you would like. Here’s the biggest mistake lawyers make. Client matters take up most of your time, plus you have the “business” of your practice to run. In between it all, if you don’t find time for marketing your pipeline of new business will run dry. It’s the classic conundrum that self-employed lawyers face every day.

How To Make Sure Your Referral Sources Send You Great Leads

Over the past few weeks, my marketing techniques have started to click. Lately, I’ve been getting fantastic leads from some of my frequent referral sources. Having a steady stream of referrals is great, but getting referrals that match your ideal client are even better. Receiving high-quality leads from my referral sources doesn’t just happen by coincidence either. One of the things I’ve been working on this year is trying to ensure that I am connecting with better quality leads. One way I’ve accomplished that is by communicating exactly the type of client I’m looking for to referral sources.

How Decorating Your Shared Law Office Space with Interesting Items Can Lead to Referrals

Don’t underestimate the value of how you decorate your shared law office space. Believe it or not, displaying interesting items that are conversation starters can lead to long lasting referral relationships. For this reason, make it a point to add your personal flare to your office and increase your network.  Just as your shared law office space should be designed to serve as both a place to accomplish your work and a referral marketing tool, your office décor should pull double-duty as well. Decorating your office is extremely important and often underestimated. It is often the first impression of yourself that you portray to your colleagues and clients. Think of it as another aspect of your “visual resume.”

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Strategies To Help You Grow Your Legal Business

Unlike traditional forms of marketing where a marketer reaches out to consumers to get them interested in a product, using inbound marketing techniques you make potential clients come to you. By listening to their problems and needs and offering concrete solutions, you are building meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers. The philosophy behind inbound marketing is to help your client succeed, which consequently brings success to you.

How to Make Connections at Networking Events That Actually Lead To Referrals

For most solo lawyers, networking is the largest and quickest source of new business. The problem is that these interactions often require starting in large social engagements, which can be a challenge for introverts or people who don’t thrive in crowded environments. Social anxiety is a very real thing, and sometimes it would shock you to hear when someone isn’t comfortable in networking scenarios because they do such a great job covering it up. As a solo lawyer, conferences and networking must be a part of your marketing strategy, and it would be unfortunate to miss those opportunities because you feel awkward making small talk with strangers. Here are three steps you can take to break the ice at any event that will help you build confidence and impress new referral sources.

5 No Nonsense Lead Generation Strategies for Attorneys

Using the internet to grow your law practice makes sense. After all, most people have access to the internet and your firm offers a valuable service that many people need. In many ways, generating leads works the same way for your law firm as it would for any other business. First, you must find ways to attract visitors to your website. Doing this will require one or more digital marketing tactics such as SEO or PPC. You’ll want to carefully choose keywords so that you only attract people who need your services.

6 Ways To Leverage Client Experience For Revenue Growth

Client experience is critical because it increases revenue and reduces consumer churn. If a law firm is to stand out, it should focus on enhancing client experience to strengthen client loyalty. Enhancing client experience is not a simple affair particularly for law firms with operations abroad. What can help? For this reason, law firms with international operations must hire the services of an international PEO that will take care of the company’s human resource functions as well as help to reduce operational costs in the firm. If you are wondering whether client experience impacts revenue growth, you should know that it does.

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