Balancing Tech and the Human Element to Optimize Your Client Experience

By Law Firm Suites - May 19, 2022
Balancing Tech and the Human Element to Optimize Your Client Experience

The client experience can have far-flung effects on your law firm. On the one hand, you want the latest and greatest customer service technologies to meet or exceed your clients’ expectations. On the other hand, you want clients to enjoy personalized services and support that require you to focus on the human element of customer service. 

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to customer service. But if you simultaneously leverage customer service technologies and prioritize the human element of customer service, you can consistently deliver exceptional client experiences.  

Now, let’s look at four tips for balancing tech and the human element, and ultimately improving the quality of customer service you’re able to offer.

1. Craft a Customer Service Strategy

The best law firms value customer service. They recognize outstanding customer service can boost client retention and satisfaction. Plus, they understand that delivering amazing customer service is an ongoing initiative. As such, they are consistently making detailed plans to ensure their clients continuously reap the benefits of a superb experience.

When it comes to customer service, you need to develop a strategy that encompasses the client experience. The strategy should account for all client touchpoints. It should also include customer service goals and steps to achieve them. 

In addition, consider multiple technologies used by other successful law practices as you build your customer service strategy. You may discover certain solutions used for marketing and sales may help you bolster your customer service offerings. In these instances, you can integrate these technologies into your customer service strategy.  

2. Leverage a Hybrid Model

Your law firm wants its clients to enjoy great experiences, regardless of how they reach out. To accomplish your goal, you can utilize a hybrid customer service model. This ensures you can provide clients with the same level of customer service whether they connect with your firm virtually or in person. 

Before you adopt a hybrid customer service model, examine your clientele. Consider how clients typically engage with your firm. You can then figure out which customer service technologies and tools can support your firm’s operations. 

Start slow with a hybrid customer service model as well. Implement customer service technologies that enable clients to connect with your firm in a variety of ways. In doing so, you can ensure your clients have no trouble getting in contact with your firm any time they have concerns or questions. 

3. Choose the Right Customer Service Technologies

Technology is penetrating all aspects of law. You can use technology for virtual hearings and digital communications. In addition, technologies are available that can help you take the client experience to the next level. 

To ace customer service in the digital age, evaluate technology options such as live chat functionality for your law firm’s website. This enables clients to quickly and easily get in touch with your firm at any time. Or, you can set up an FAQ page on your firm’s site. This page can include answers to frequently asked questions from past clients, and it can help individuals ultimately determine whether to partner with your firm. 

Conduct extensive research as you weigh the pros and cons of various customer service legaltech. As you learn about customer service technologies, you can make an informed decision about which ones might deliver the best return on investment. 

4. Track Your Customer Service Results

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are vital for law firms that want to monitor their customer service results. These metrics can be monitored and evaluated over time, and they can provide you with insights into whether your firm is getting the most value out of its customer service efforts. 

If you want to use KPIs for customer service, you first need to decide what metrics to track. It can be beneficial to monitor client retention rates and client referrals. You can even track client  satisfaction scores, which can be determined via surveys or software. 

Perform regular assessments of your customer service results. If you find the client experience falls short in certain areas, adjust your customer service strategy accordingly. Furthermore, if you find issues that disrupt the client experience, take steps to alleviate these problems right away. 

The Bottom Line

Do not put the client experience on the backburner. Instead, prioritize the client experience and do everything possible to use it to distinguish your law firm from its rivals.

Do this by taking advantage of technology that enables your firm to connect with its clientele via a wide range of channels. This also ensures you can provide clients with the services and support they deserve, regardless of their location. 

At the same time, focus on the human element of customer service. Ensure clients can receive personalized support if they visit your firm’s office or engage with staff members over the phone. 

Lastly, stay committed to the client experience, and seek out ways to improve the client experience day after day. As a result, you’ll ensure your clients receive best-in-class customer service and support at all times.  

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