Top 10 Articles On The Importance Of Customer Service

By Law Firm Suites - March 6, 2022
Top 10 Articles On The Importance Of Customer Service

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Law Firm Suites has amazing blog content designed to help aspire and establish solo attorneys and small law firms. We’ve gathered the top 10 shoptalk articles on the importance of customer service from the Law Firm Suites blog. Take a look and see the benefit of this content.

How Solos Can Improve Customer Service by Educating Clients

As solos, we are often consumed with the day-to-day obligations of running our own law practices. It can sometimes be difficult for us to stop and take a moment to put ourselves in our client’s shoes. We tend to forget that, while we might be familiar with the ins-and-outs of the legal process, our clients don’t have the same level of understanding. What seems simple to us can be confusing to someone who has never been involved in a legal action before. Lawyers who consistently provide great customer service know this and do something about it.

When it Comes to Building Referral Relationships in NYC Shared Office Space, “Customer Service” Counts

Getting referrals from neighbors is one of the biggest benefits to NYC shared office space. However, if you fail to give good “customer service” to referral partners you will quickly jeopardize your professional reputation. An attorney in our Midtown NYC shared office space was speaking to me about referrals between Law Firm Suites clients, and he was quick to let me know that he had a bad experience. According to this attorney, he felt the “receiving” attorney was too eager and in an effort to be responsive, ended up giving his client bad advice (at least initially). This left the referring attorney unhappy as the incident jeopardized his ongoing relationship with the client.

5 Quick Tips For Happier Clients

For my practice, the best way to start any client relationship is to ensure that you both have very clear expectations. This level starting point will lead to a happier and more productive experience with your client. Also, how you treat your clients will become a defining part of your reputation, and your current clients can ultimately become some of your biggest brand ambassadors. Keeping them happy means increasing the likelihood they’ll refer you to their network. But making sure your clients are completely happy and understanding of expectations can be a difficult task. Don’t forget that legal issues may be new and scary to our clients. To help, here are five quick things you can do to start the relationship with your clients on the right foot.

I Got A Bit Creative With My Law Firm’s Client Reviews | #FollowAttorneyAmanda

Client reviews are essential to gaining more clientele to your law firm, however, it’s ok to showcase them in a way that’s more than just black and white text on a screen. Your client reviews are sometimes the first thing potential clients will see when they search your firm online. So it’s important to make sure your ratings are in good standings. If your firm is taking a more social media approach to reach new clients it wouldn’t hurt to spice up how you showcase your reviews.

Building Client Relationships Online

Your website is much more than a virtual business card. Potential clients will turn to the internet for answers to their questions, legal and otherwise. This is your firm’s opportunity to establish your attorneys as the go-to experts in their areas of practice using your attorney bios, blog, videos, and podcasts. Your attorney bio is a great way to establish your expertise, experience, and trustworthiness. A potential client reading your bios should think, I want that person to help me. It is possible to begin to establish a rapport with a potential client through your bio. Start with a professional photograph, and perhaps more than one, showing you in action in the office or court. Then get right into your practice areas, the types of clients you expect to serve, what problems you solve, and how your clients can expect to be treated.

The Importance of Knowing Your Clientele

Knowing your clientele is key when starting a solo practice. By taking the time to learn their behaviors and their specific needs you will be able to offer up services that are tailored to your potential clients. Imagine being fresh out of law school or finally branching off from your position in a large law firm. You are full of dreams and bursting with ambition; desiring to build something that’s yours: A Solo Practice.

5 Tips To Help Lawyers Build Rapport With New Clients

Ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience is crucial for the success of any law firm, no matter the size. But it should come as no surprise that creating a pretty website, posting on social media and sending newsletters is not enough to create that quality experience. To help you hold onto your existing clients and close with new clients, you need to build a strong rapport with them and build mutual respect, instead of numbers that boost your firm’s bottom line.

The Ethics of Using Online “Customer Reviews” in Attorney Marketing

The use of online reviews from prior clients can be a powerful tool in convincing a potential new client to reach out and make initial contact. Much as we might take a look at customer reviews when buying electronics on for guidance on customer satisfaction, feedback from former clients may heavily influence a prospective client’s decision to retain your services. In a consumer context, reviews from customers are generally viewed by potential buyers as more reliable than what the seller, in this case an attorney, might say about themselves.

How to Figure Out Exactly What Your Clients Want

A great part of being a solo is the ability to do whatever we want, whenever we want. For me personally, this has been one of my favorite reasons for going solo. But it’s important not to forget that we need to take our clients wants into consideration as well. Otherwise, you’ll risk quickly going out of business. Taking the time to figure out what my clients want has improved my relationships and client satisfaction. Plus my clients are referring new business to me at an even higher rate.

How to Talk to Clients About Sensitive Issues

Let’s talk about words for a second. Words can help explain concepts, documents, legal mumbo jumbo and how it plays out in the grand circle of life. But getting serious for a moment, more than once, I’ve run into people who did not want to talk about the serious and sensitive issues, like the concept of Power of Attorneys. I know people have different ideas of what comes next (legally) once a person passes on/dies/goes over the rainbow. And I really do try and be sensitive to people, it is a delicate subject.

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