Top Tips For Running A Successful Conference For Your Firm

By Law Firm Suites - December 2, 2021
Top Tips For Running A Successful Conference For Your Firm

When a meeting of the minds is done right it gives attorney’s not only something to look forward to but a chance to flex their knowledge amongst their peers. Try setting up a conference in your niche practice area, it’s a great networking tool!  

When planning a conference, the hosting attorney or law firm should have two goals in mind: providing vital information and connections with their peers. By acting as an event manager you are setting yourself up to be viewed as an industry leader and hopefully will solidify your position amongst your colleagues, pending a great conference of course. 

Here are some practical tips on how to organize a truly memorable and beneficial conference.

Before The Conference

Before planning an event, answer the question: why are you going to hold the conference? What do you want to get as a result? Perhaps you are planning to gain recognition amongst your peers, broaden or networking group or simply provide new and vital information to enhance not just your firm but your colleagues? Decide who you are hosting the conference for. Describe and segment your target audience. For example, at a conference on law firm digital marketing, you would want to invite knowledgeable professionals in that field that will be able to provide the best information to your peers. So, once you’ve identified your goal, start organizing your conference now.

Take A Personal Approach To Each Participant

Live communication between people is gradually reduced to a minimum, due to our digital atmosphere. Today, even participation in an event is often confirmed by a programmed electronic robot. However, electronic helpers should not be overestimated. By appointing a dedicated person to confirm applications and correspond with each of the participants, you show your respect for the conference guests. This will help strengthen the bonds between the invited attendees and the host company. Also, installing interpreting booths at conferences for multilingual debates will not be superfluous to organize a personal approach. A booth or separate room for simultaneous interpreters is optional but highly desirable. The synchronous translation is not for nothing considered the most challenging format of translation; it requires knowledge and experience from the translator and great concentration. Therefore, it is worth doing everything to remove distractions and provide space for the translator to work effectively.

Allow Participants To Form The Program

Innovative methods allow the creation of various applications, including those through which conference guests can actively participate in the formation of the program. Encourage attendees to choose speakers and topics and create blogs and forums where guests can discuss ideas before the event begins. In this way, you will give your guests a sense of belonging in the organization of the conference, increasing your chances of success. Also, warn the speakers that you expect exceptionally original presentations from them. Ensure that the guest does not treat the viewer with the same talk for several years now but is valuable to your audience. That is, you need to discard boring introductions. One of the latest trends in the organization of conferences is the rejection of boring guest introductions and the listing of various regalia in favor of a short, witty review of the speaker’s personal qualities.

Pay Special Attention To The Lounge Areas

Sometimes you want to fit more into the program – but the rhythm is also significant. Visitors need to get up, warm up, have coffee, check emails, go to the toilet or internalize new ideas, discuss them with each other, or think about them in private. Give your guests a chance to rest and take a breath. A well-organized lounge area is an excellent opportunity to meet and share your impressions of the conference. 

After the event, write a report, draw up an estimate, publish post-releases, a photo report, read reviews on social networks, send thanks to partners, sponsors and speakers, collect feedback from participants. In the photo report, mark the guests on the photos and put geotags on the pictures.


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