Top 10 Articles On Top 10 Articles On Client Consultations And Satisfaction

By Law Firm Suites - November 21, 2021
Top 10 Articles On Top 10 Articles On Client Consultations And Satisfaction

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Law Firm Suites has amazing blog content designed to help aspire and establish solo attorneys and small law firms. We’ve gathered the top 10 shoptalk articles on client consultations and satisfaction from the Law Firm Suites blog. Take a look and see the benefit of this content.

Basic Consultation Tips Potential Clients Need To Know

Most attorneys acquire cases through referrals or word-of-mouth advertising. This is why it is important to have a good reputation surrounding your firm. Even if you aren’t able to help with a potential client’s case it never hurts to offer up some crucial advice during your consultation that can help them as they search for the right attorney.

3 Ways to Make Your Virtual Consultations More Enjoyable and Productive

Virtual consultations are a major part of today’s modern law firm, follow these tips to ensure they are more enjoyable and productive for both you and your clients. A lot of lawyers are spending more time in virtual consultations versus in-person ones, and odds are that this won’t change for a while. Since we are in this new form of normal, it is going to be worth your while to ensure these virtual meetings are more enjoyable and productive for everyone.

How To Improve Your Law Firm’s Virtual Consultation Techniques

For many lawyers, phone and video chat consultations have been a part of their sales arsenal for years. However, now more than ever, lawyers are turning to these technological solutions to keep their practice moving, without having to physically meet their clients or potential clients in person. But selling your services and practice is not an easy thing to do, especially when you now have to do it via a zoom call. Use this guide as a refresher checklist, an outline, and a roadmap to restructure your law firm’s virtual sales strategy. That way you’re prepared and ready to not only connect with potential clients but to convert them to paying clients too.

Should Attorneys Charge a Consultation Fee?

One of the first questions I asked any practitioner was their opinion on charging clients an initial consultation fee. To be honest, I was relatively split on the matter. On one hand, I didn’t want to come off as greedy, but on the other hand, I did not want to waste three to four hours of my day on client leads that may not materialize. As a solo and small firm attorneys, our worth is literally measured by the hour. (That’s why they call it a billable hour, right?) This makes us different from many professions. Further, my experience with matrimonial consultations is that they rarely last just an hour.


The Dutta Diaries: Free Legal Consultations – You Get What You Pay For

The fact that I earn a living by charging for legal advice does not dissuade potential clients from trying to milk every ounce of free advice from my law firm. It seems that free legal advice, now easily searchable on the Internet has only made this more prevalent. When I was working for a large multi-service firm, I charged for advice. Well, my firm charged for advice. There was no such thing as a free consultation. Further, I was prepared for every consultation. I did research. One of the perks of working at a large law firm is access to top-notch free research.

How I Find Clients By Giving Away Information For Free

One of the many ways to attract your ideal client is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by giving out as much free information as possible. This marketing technique is also known as content marketing. Content marketing is far more than writing blog posts. It’s the creation and publishing of information, plus the marketing of that information to people who are most likely to read it.

What To Do When Your Potential A Potential Client Says “I Can’t Afford Your Firm”

Imagine you’ve ever been on a call or in a consultation meeting with a potential client only to hear “I can’t afford your firm.” You’ll be left feeling unsure or confused, questioning where things went wrong or what should have been done differently. Maybe it’s the price of your services, the offer, or even the pitch. It’s easy to get lost wondering what happened and what needs to change so this doesn’t happen again. We all wish for easy deals and to have clients who are excited about the sale, but that is not always the case. The good news is when you understand what “I can’t afford it” really means, you gain a whole new perspective on the client’s situation and should set you to actually close the deal instead of losing it.

How To Make The Best First Impression With Your Law Firm’s New Clients

Meeting clients for the first time is probably the most important part of the relationship. The client is trying to decide if you and/or your firm is the right one to represent them. You are trying to understand the client’s issues, earn their confidence, and establish a basis for working together. By not putting your best foot forward you’re making a bad first impression, you’re ultimately making your already challenging job even harder. After all, you are not going to easily build trust with someone who thinks you’re a jerk.

5 Steps to Making a Great First Impression When you Greet Clients at Reception

It would surprise you how often we witness attorneys in our NYC shared office space have terrible interactions with clients when greeting them at reception. It’s fairly common for an attorney to arrive in reception as much as 45-minutes late, barely make eye contact, greet the client with a frown, turn and walk away (expecting the client to follow) without so much as a word of instruction. We can’t understand it, and can only imagine that it sets a bad tone for the meeting that may be hard for the attorney to recover from. It may also anger a client enough to seek out counsel from one of the attorney’s competitors; one who treats the client with more respect.

The Importance of Knowing Your Clientele

Imagine being fresh out of law school or finally branching off from your position in a large law firm. You are full of dreams and bursting with ambition; desiring to build something that’s yours: A Solo Practice! Along with all of the exciting thoughts and aspirations, a wave of confusion and nervousness also arises. You are starting to realize that there is no concrete blueprint for success and though you may have answers to certain questions the final sentiment is “are these even the right answers?”

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