7 Ways A CRM Software Can Enhance The Productivity Of Law Firms

By Law Firm Suites - October 22, 2021

Utilizing certain software will boost your law firm’s productivity, which is part of the formula for advancing your law firm’s growth and revenue.

Customer Relationship Management software is all the rage in the year 2021. Whether you are working in the textile industry, real estate, or an FMCG industry, this is why even law firms have figured out how this CRM software can be used to the best of their company’s advantage as well.

Let us think first, why would a law firm need CRM software in the first place? Let me answer this one for you; firstly, law firms are all about maintaining clients. A Lot of lawyers struggle to find their client base, and it is the most challenging task for any business.

Let us assume your law firm identified the lead; the task is now to manage that lead, maintain a relationship with that client, and turn them into a customer. The job doesn’t end here; it is ongoing where you need to constantly make sure that your clients are satisfied and happy with your services. This is where CRM software comes and helps you with the Productivity of your business in short.

7 Ways CRM Software Enhances A Law firm’s Productivity

The following are a few yet essential and important ways CRM software can help get you profits and increase your firm’s productivity. But first, take a look at a few CRM software that you can use for your law firms like ZOHO or HUBSPOT.

Let us take a look at how this software can increase your firms productivity now;

1. An Organized List of clients

When your business depends on your clients, a lot of the productivity depends on how you manage the information on your clients. For example, a lot of this CRM software will help you gather and store data on your clients such as their numbers, their likes, and dislikes.

From a law firm perspective, what’s appealing is that a few software lets you customize information on your clients too, so you can put in any information or notes on your clients that you would want to remember before scheduling a meeting with them.

2. Gather Lead Information

A lot of businesses only prosper when you can successfully turn your leads into your loyal customers. How can CRM software help you do that? Let me give you an example; the real estate software helps you keep customized information concerning real estate leads and works well with sites like Zillow etc.

Similarly, when you choose a CRM software for your law firm, you gather information on the lead, for example, their trigger points (that you could have gathered through social media data, etc.) CRM software lets you store all the basic and all other sorts of information you can on your leads as well, which will help you form a relationship with them and turn them into your customers or clients.

You can further use marketing automation tools to send messages or SMS to your clients about offers and updates etc.

3. Effective Communication With Clients

There is a saying that ‘customer is the king,’ and many marketers swear by it. If you end up treating clients like they are the king, you will end up with lots of happy and loyal clients.

Now let us talk about how CRM software can help you with effective communication. You can sync this software with your social media profiles to enhance communication by follow-up, 24/7 chatbot system, or just being there for the customers whenever they have queries.

4. Digital Documentation and Management

Given that it is the year 2021, the age of the digital era and paperless communication and documentation, a perfect CRM tool will help you keep all that record and manage it well. The reason these CRM tools are becoming all the hype is that they facilitate remote working conditions as well.

Why? Because when all the records are digitized, it will help your employees quickly retrieve any document needed on any case file or any client. It will take some time and effort to digitize all files if you are an old firm, but you can outsource this task to someone.

5. Email Marketing and Campaigns

CRM software can make email marketing campaigns easy for you to manage. Email workflows are way easier to manage with CRM software; you can also schedule automated emails to your client list with customized messages.

Social media is considered the most powerful tool in 2021 to convert leads and get clients, but do not underestimate the importance of email marketing which will help your law firm grow and get more and more customers.

6. Dashboards And Streamlined List Of Tasks

Being a lawyer is not easy, especially if you are multitasking. A CRM software always comes with a dashboard where you can align your tasks for the day or month, customize it in whatever way you like.

This ensures that you are not wasting time and only ensures productivity and focused tasks, thereby improving the company’s performance.

7. Scheduling and Reminder tools

The  CRM tools are great for reminding you about meetings and possible tasks that are scheduled to be done, thereby leaving no room for forgetting anything.

What is great about this CRM tool is that it makes sure that the attorneys are not double or triple booked for appointments, and it automatically sends alerts or gives you the options of rescheduling. Depending on the kind of CRM software you have, you will have various options of automated reminders, and messages, or emails. You can also send automated follow-up messages to your leads and clients.

The 7 CRM Must-haves for Your Law Firm 

Customer Relationship Management tools can benefit you and your law firms in ways you didn’t even imagine. Because when even normal tasks are aligned in the best manner, they can ensure Productivity at all hours.

So look for a CRM software that provides all the features mentioned above, like the one which can organize your client list, help with your lead customers, enhance the communication stream, streamline your tasks and meetings, give you amazing options for your email campaigns, and lastly set reminders for you.

So go ahead, and start using all the tools of CRM software and take your business to the new heights of Productivity.

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