Why I’m Tailoring My Social Media Marketing to Current Events | #FollowAttorneyAmanda

By Law Firm Suites - August 10, 2021
Why I’m Tailoring My Social Media Marketing to Current Events | #FollowAttorneyAmanda

Amanda tests social media marketing content that is tied to current events (in this case the Summer Olympics).

Your marketing plan can always use some sprucing up. Building on your already existing ad campaigns will take your marketing plan to another level. 

The relevancy of your marketing plan matters more than you think. Staying current on trends, hashtags, and viral moments will help you reach more clientele and keep your current followers engaged in your page. 

In this week’s #FollowAttorneyAmanda, Amanda talks about how she adapted one of her social media ad campaigns to fit the relevancy of today’s current affairs.

Follow this video and see how Amanda updated her ad campaign in order to keep her social media relevant. 

                                                                                Video Transcript

Amanda Shaffer: Welcome to #FollowAttorneyAmanda. I am Attorney Amanda. Today we are going to talk about my new social media campaign and a little stress that kind of goes along with everything going on. Stress is a good thing. We’re getting very busy yet again. I didn’t have much of an off period but I am here at the office at 7:30 AM on a Monday and partly because I have to leave early and when you have a small firm, you need to put in the hours. So one way or another, it’s definitely harder at night when I just want to relax. But also because I wanted to start my new ad campaign today, and it’s just, I don’t have time during the day, especially when we’ve just picked up a big case. So my new ad campaign is also time-sensitive. It’s about the Olympics. It came to me over the weekend. I said, why don’t I do a series on – I have a series called #PositivelyImmigration. It’s supposed to be about sports – foreign-born athletes in US sports. I made the ads. I never put them up because I was waiting to do my ad research so I could target the audience properly, which I never had time to do, which is incredibly frustrating.

But it is the Olympics right now that Tokyo – 2021 Olympics. So it came to me over the weekend, “Hey, why don’t I do something about foreign-born us Olympic athletes?” Because as part of my #PositivelyImmigration segment that I’ve put up before some post about #PositivelyImmigration, but it’s going to be the #OlympicEdition and I thought it was a good idea since we’re in the Olympics, it definitely shows immigrants positive contributions to the US and there’s, 01 visas, EB1 visas for the extraordinary visa athletes or extraordinary ability immigrants and those are definitely people we want to target if possible. Plus, I think it also kind of plays into the American dream a bit. You come to the US, you not only have your American dream of becoming a US citizen, but you also then bring home an Olympic medal for the US.

So my first post is about how in the 2016 Olympics, there were, I think, 50 born foreign players and I think 8 of them medaled. So then part of it, my little post today is going to be like, “How many do you think there is this year? How many do you think will medal this year?” And then I can target individual athletes as well. And there were a couple of other fun facts. Like there were four people who originally played on other teams and they are now on Team USA. Once they got citizenship then for a lot of sports it is harder to get on Team USA than on other country teams where people who have dual citizenship often don’t compete for the US. I think – I mean, I could be wrong. I think it is actually a really big honor to compete for the US – I mean any country really, but obviously, I’m trying to highlight this, so I need to stay on top of it. My goal this weekend was to just knock out four or five posts minimum so that I could just schedule them and be done. But of course, I took so long with my design that it wasn’t – my plans didn’t go as planned.

I also have my first Monday of Foreign Flag Friday. So on Friday, I posted my first flag. I brought back Foreign Flag Friday, and then today I have to post the answer to where the flag is from and I like to post a fun fact to keep people engaged. I used to just post it as a comment. I feel like I should do a quick, quote post, which means I have even more work to do right now. So I guess I should get to that. If I seem a little stressed it’s because I have like a new counsel today, I have another case I was supposed to – I’m starting today, and now she wants us to take over more of the case and she has court today. I had to speak to a client over the weekend, which depending on the situation I do – I try to do rarely. And then on Friday we also had an adverse decision in one of our cases we’ve been waiting a couple of years for the immigration courts to reopen. So we got to deal with that. So a little busy, but exciting, because there’s a lot of new things in the work, but it looks like I’m very, very soon going to need some help in some way, shape or form yet again.

So I’ll an update on all of that and how these campaigns are going. And also one last thing about the #OlympicEdition of #PositivelyImmigration. My husband had a great idea that – because I said I never launched a sports one because I never got to do the audience research and said, why don’t you use the Olympic ones – it’s kind of like a test audience. I don’t even know if I know how to do that and it is a slightly different audience, but it’s a good idea to see because it’ll be a shorter running campaign. So that is all today for #FollowAttorneyAmanda. Join me next time on my road to more likes, AKA more business. We’ll see you next time.

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