7 Writing Tips To Build A Successful Social Media Profile As A Lawyer

By Law Firm Suites - July 9, 2021
7 Writing Tips To Build A Successful Social Media Profile As A Lawyer

Nowadays, lawyers can earn a lot more and make their services available internationally by using technology. Venturing into social media channels is quite a new approach to self-marketing as a lawyer, but it’s undoubtedly up-to-speed with the many demands of today. 

It’s difficult to promote legal services on social media – they cannot be stylishly photographed or colorfully described. But a lawyer’s account can still be successfully promoted by posting relevant content and working with subscribers, which will likely drive new clients that wish to enlist their services or simply learn more about them as a specialist. So, today we will discuss how to establish an online presence as a lawyer. 

Building a successful legal online profile in 2021 is a task you can easily do if you commit to it. We have prepared our top tips that will set you on the right path to creating a legal social media profile that will be a great addition to your business.

Discover Who Your Audience Is.

To engage your target market you need to not only create good content but also post it somewhere your target audience will see it. As a lawyer, the range of your audience will heavily depend on the type of services you provide – it will define the client’s age, occupation, interests, etc. So, to be successful with your readers, you should define the target audience, see what social media they use, check which topics they like, and so on.

Avoid Difficult Terms, If Possible.

When writing content for your legal social media profile, remember that you’re not in a courtroom, but among friends, 90% of which don’t have the first clue about most legal terms you use daily. Therefore, to make your content available to your audience, try writing in simple easy-to-understand language, avoiding overly complicated terms, and staying away from complex phrases. When including terms, always clarify their meaning in your own words, and not just copy term descriptions from a law – those are usually very dry and should be reserved for professional use.

Customize Profile Header.

People follow legal accounts so they could receive:

  • Useful content about their rights or obligations;
  • articles on pressing legal topics;
  • legal news and updates;
  • a consultation;
  • information and clarifications on new laws and regulations, etc.

Therefore, you should indicate information useful for the subscriber in your profile header: your profession, areas of expertise, name, and surname, as well as ways of contacting you. You can also briefly describe the services, add a link to your website if you have it. Do not write about anything that is not in relevance with legal activity, like famous quotes, personal life motto, etc., as it does not have any practical use for your future clients. 

Repost, React And Collaborate

Social media is all about interaction, communication, and sharing interesting news, so effectively operating “recycled” information is a skill you should work on as a lawyer on social media. You can share other people’s content, address the questions or issues they raise – just don’t forget to credit the author. Other lawyers and yourself can come together to create common content. This is a great way you can attract a new audience and broaden your reach as a legal content creator. 

Write Comprehensive Articles On Pressing Topics.

Posts on social media are like food – they are only good when fresh. Choose topics that resonate with your audience today and offer your expertise to them. You can use social media to ask your followers questions which you can address in your post. Your articles should not only be relevant and up-to-date but also full of useful details and step-by-step instructions so that your readers could easily use them.

Unfortunately, even if you’re not confident in writing yet, you can’t avoid it if you want to be successful as a professional online. However, if you are still a student, writing services are easy to come by. TrustedDissertations can help you stay on top of your most important assignments.

Do Not Use Stock Pictures In Your Posts.

We are mainly focusing on written content, but it’s still important to mention a visual component of the profile as well since platforms like Instagram and Facebook largely depend on visual means of communication. 

Everyone is already fed up with pictures of a gavel or Themis, people in suits in front of laptops (as demonstrated in this article for your amusement!). Those who subscribed to a lawyer’s page understand that legal services are not represented by beautiful photographs. Your readers seek solutions to their specific problems and appreciate imagery that is not only relevant to the topic but also helpful in understanding the matter.

Many lawyers take live or studio photographs of themselves and edit the topic of the post onto them. This is a good move, since you make the topic of content highly visible, but also meet readers face-to-face, which helps build trust. 

Don’t Do Too Many Personal Posts.

Professional posts can occasionally be diluted with personal content, for example, to share the joy of a trip abroad. Readers usually want to know more personal information about those they follow, as they like seeing that they are regular living people, just like themselves.

Personal content – pictures and stories about family, animals, travel, material possessions can be of interest to subscribers, but it is better not to overuse them on your professional page. If you wish to share more of your life with followers, create an additional profile for personal content and link it to the profile header.

These and other marketing tips for lawyers are abundant online, so feel free to use them to elevate your online presence as a lawyer.

These simple yet effective tips will help any lawyer to better understand how professional social media works and what content should be shared to get optimal feedback and engagement from the target audience. Even if you’ve never considered going online as a lawyer, hopefully now you feel more confident and informed to do so!

Author’s Bio. 

Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at GetGoodGrade with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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