Client Testimonials: A Powerful Marketing Strategy For Your Law Firm

By Law Firm Suites - June 24, 2021
Client Testimonials: A Powerful Marketing Strategy For Your Law Firm

Businesses who adopt digital marketing recognize that client testimonials are a buzzing marketing strategy.

Emerging technology and the rise of social media caused word-of-mouth testimonials leading to referrals to be long gone. Today, several websites rely on positive and negative reviews on just about everything you can purchase. 

It is not simple to persuade even the most delighted visitors to take a moment to evaluate your offerings online. Unsatisfied consumers won’t wait to spread the message about a bad situation or to disrespect you on their public platforms. Sadly, there are a lot of public places to do exactly that today.

So, either way, client testimonials in your legal practice are really helpful and can make or break a deal for you. Let us see which factors revolve around client testimonials and how they can further work as a diligent marketing strategy.

Should You Be Asking For Testimonials?

From a marketing perspective, it is highly suggested that you put into effect a structure for obtaining client testimonials. After winding up a case law firms should often ask clients to provide them with a testimonial that revolves around the soft and core skills of the lawyers (e.g. how diligent, accommodating, and knowledgeable the lawyers working on the case were) and also the efficacy of their services.

Relationship Between Negative And Positive Reviews

Negative reviews make incorporating the positive testimonials much more essential for your company and your credibility to evolve. Uniquely, client reviews can be found on various platforms even when you least expect them. 

There is no way to deter individuals from posting online derogatory remarks about your law firm. The key to avoiding a negative review is to try to prevent it from occurring in the first place. This can be done by offering good service, frequent interaction, and setting reasonable standards from the beginning.

When you’re confident that you’ve done everything you can to prevent a bad review, you still have the risk of one sliding and making it to the public. Negative reviews tend to damage your identity while making you look guilty. So, be constructive by stocking up feedback that tells a more positive story, ones that are more important and useful to those who might be looking for your company.

Client Testimonials: A Marketing Strategy

To obtain the most value out of a client testimonial, you ought to deliver it in a meaningful, informative, and truthful manner. The testimonial should be curated such that it tells a beautiful story. A client of yours, for instance, may explain a scenario that might strike a chord with the reader since similar situations may be encountered by the reader. The reference then makes the reader seek advice from you. Narratives are solid and informative and can be used as compelling tools for marketing. 

You can also make a short video of these stories, and post them on various platforms other than your law firm website. Having an old client talk about their experience with your firm will always be better than a thousand marketing strategies and advertisements.

Key Takeaways

But how do you even ask a client for their valuable testimonials? Let us help you with that. Don’t ask a client to assess you based on your abilities as a lawyer. It won’t be their strongest trait and thus will lead to a confusing testimonial. The top reasons that your clients might be impressed by you would be your soft skills that include but not limited to: demeanor, generosity, responsiveness, sincerity, humility, and ability to handle work under pressure. 

They will want to evaluate your willingness to get back to calls on time, or if your workplace is hospitable and clean or in complete disarray. And lastly, they will write a great testimonial based on their sense of achievement with the result of their case. So, these tips and tricks of client testimonials will keep you and your law firm on the top of the game always. 

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