5 Awesome Ways to Turn Your Virtual Team Meeting Into Success

By Law Firm Suites - May 13, 2021
5 Awesome Ways to Turn Your Virtual Team Meeting Into Success

Almost all businesses, including lawyers, need virtual meetings, but many of the online solutions are challenging to handle. 

This article will help you understand remote meetings and apply some suggestions to make them a success.

Significance of Virtual Meetings

The use of telecommuting and virtual meetings has become more relevant over the past year. With the introduction of new technologies and shared computer screens, team members can communicate with each other and with their clients while being in multiple places. Companies and employees have reduced overhead, excessive fees, and travel time by working virtually from home offices. 

Why Virtual Meetings Fail

Virtual work can be problematic to some project managers and clients. Employees or clients may be present during virtual meetings, but they may be distracted by other things, such as Facebook, instant messenger, or e-mail. Some employees might feel that these meetings are time wasters because they need to sit and listen to other people, which causes them to become easily distracted. Background noise can be a source of distraction too. The start of meetings experiences delays because some people are new to the technology and cannot set it up properly. 

Improving Virtual Meetings

Several considerations are at play in virtual meetings, so  consider the following whenever  conducting a conference or video calls:

  • Trust levels of the team members
  • The urgency of the actions
  • The possibility for conflict
  • The demand for in-depth conversations
  • The variety of cultures
  • The requirement for enthusiasm and engagement
  • The differences in time zones
  • The need for innovation and creativity among team members
  • The access and familiarity of everyone with technology

Top Secrets to a Successful Virtual Meeting

Virtual work is applicable for many projects… Here are some ways to make virtual meetings efficient:

  1. Technology Is a Tool, Not the Ultimate Solution

There are several technologies available to make virtual meetings work. Video conferencing is prevalent, especially during the pandemic. However, the use of technology is not a silver bullet that will solve every issue. Some countries, especially in West Africa, make do with conference calls using telephones because they are the most reliable. It is essential to have a backup plan because technology may not work by the time the scheduled meeting starts.

One of the best methods is to share the presentations and practice using the technology before the virtual gathering. Some options are online meetings, video conferences, and conference calls to replace face-to-face meetings. However, they may also use asynchronous tools to allow people from different time zones to participate.

2. Preparation Is the Key to Success

It is important  to prepare for your virtual meetings and  inform your clients of the following before the gathering takes place:

  • The purpose and objectives of the meeting
  • The timed agenda
  • The roles of the scribe, facilitator, and timekeeper
  • The ground rules during the meeting
  • The agreed actions regarding recording, communication, and follow-up

3. Collaboration Not Control

It is important to share the control while in a virtual meeting. Zoom fatigue has become a real thing and will cause a lack of participation if the meeting is not coordinated well. Zoom has great features in the application that will allow the host to share their hosting abilities. Hosts can share their screen, play audio and even establish break-out rooms so smaller groups of people can meet separately, without leaving the actual meeting. 

4. Make the Virtual Meeting Engaging

Many firms find online meetings challenging because engaging with their clients or employees is more challenging. Here are some suggestions to help keep them engaged:

  • Use stories
  • Present visuals
  • Involve everyone

5. Follow-Through

Ensuring that each member carries out the action points is essential to a successful virtual meeting. Therefore, agreeing about the documentation of actions and follow-ups must be right at the start. Further, asking everyone at the end of the online gathering if they are ok with what they have to do and the deadlines will prevent any problems about unmet expectations later. It may be better to change the deliverables slightly if some members are unsure about carrying out their assignments.


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