7 Characteristics A Trustworthy Lawyer Should Have

By Law Firm Suites - April 16, 2021
7 Characteristics A Trustworthy Lawyer Should Have

Law is regarded as a noble profession. Unlike other businesses or occupations, it requires more than average standards of ethics and morals. Since the profession is service-oriented, the expectations of people from lawyers are higher than usual. If you are a lawyer and want to build a trustable relationship with your clients, there are certain norms you’ll need to follow. 

Though lawyers are seen as torchbearers of justice, the reality of this field is not unknown today. The profession is filled with individuals who work for their personal gains and do not cease from going to any extent when it comes to their profits. 

In such a scenario, potential clients might find it difficult to trust lawyers. In order to gain your client’s trust, it is important to prove how trustworthy you are.  Listed below are a few of the necessary characteristics a trustworthy lawyer should possess.


A trustworthy lawyer is always compassionate. They try to bridge the gap between themselves and the clients and relate to their sufferings. A trustworthy lawyer will put himself in your shoes and guide you in a way that will be the most rewarding for you. 

Willing to listen 

“Empty vessels sound much”- the common saying fits nicely for some legal professionals as well. A lawyer should willingly listen to their potential client’s story and try to understand the matter at hand. A lawyer who talks more than they listen can sometimes come off as an individual is too self-centered. You should always show your client that their case isn’t just to make personal gains but rather about lending a service. 


A trustworthy lawyer is capable of making good judgment calls. There are instances where a lawyer knows that there are no merits in his client’s case but suggests they proceed in a suit to make the most money for themselves. Such a legal professional is not only un-trustable but also does not comply with the basic lamp of honesty which is essential in the noble profession. It’s important to make the right calls concerning your client’s cases so they will continue to have faith in your counsel. 

Good communication skills

A fish cannot survive in water if it doesn’t know how to swim. The same goes for a lawyer with poor communication skills. An advocate who is charismatic and impressive with their words is viewed as being qualified to hold the trust of clients. Communication skills are also an effective parameter of judging a lawyer’s grip on his field of practice. If he is unable to express himself and communicate with his clients, chances are he won’t be able to present the case with the force and flow that it needs. 

Wide knowledge of the law

A trustworthy lawyer must know all the related fields and specialize in at least one subject. If you come across a lawyer who doesn’t have a clue about your case and is unable to guide you at the initial stage, chances are he is unqualified and lacks experience.


When a lawyer responds to his client’s queries within a reasonable time, it shows how willing he is to cooperate and how serious he is to take the matter into his hands. Responsibility and responsiveness are vital traits shown by trustworthy lawyers. No one wants a lawyer who appears incompetent so make sure you showcase yourself otherwise.

Fair Experience

A trustworthy lawyer will have a fair amount of experience on their hand. Such quality would be reflected by him in the way he communicates and handles cases. Also, since they have dealt with a variety of cases and have come across numerous issues before, they are most likely to possess all the above-mentioned characteristics. 

In Conclusion 

There is no hard and fast rule of judging a person’s credibility. In the case of lawyers, the process becomes much more tricky as they are witty and taught to use their tongue to turn any situation in their favor. If you are a budding lawyer and looking forward to building strong relationships with your future clients, work towards developing these qualities.

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