6 Ways To Leverage Client Experience For Revenue Growth

By Law Firm Suites - March 25, 2021
6 Ways To Leverage Client Experience For Revenue Growth

Client experience is critical because it increases revenue and reduces consumer churn. If a law firm is to stand out, it should focus on enhancing client experience to strengthen client loyalty. Enhancing client experience is not a simple affair particularly for law firms with operations abroad. 

What can help?

For this reason, law firms with international operations must hire the services of an international PEO that will take care of the company’s human resource functions as well as help to reduce operational costs in the firm. If you are wondering whether client experience impacts revenue growth, you should know that it does. 

Below are six ways to leverage client experience for revenue growth in your law firm:

Get The Top Management Involved

To successfully encourage client experience, there is a need for top executives such as CFOs and CEOs to actively take part in activities that promote it. When these officials make the client experience a priority for a law firm, the team will endeavor to actualize it. You can achieve this by hiring a professional who is interested in enhancing client satisfaction. This job cadre is essential because it also links business functions such as client service, marketing, sales, supply chain, and operations. Other junior officers will only take client experience seriously if the senior management has a hand in enhancing it.

Measure It To Manage It

The key thing that you should take into consideration when leveraging client experience is whether you can measure it in the first place. 

There are two ways that you could measure this experience which include:

  • Customer effort score (CES)
  • Net promoter score (NPS)

CES takes metrics from a clients’ point of view. It utilizes one question to explore the clients’ effort in handling their requests. NPS on the other hand divides client feedback into three distinct categories from promoters, passives to detractors. The NPS score is then the difference between the percentage of consumers categorized as detractors and the promoters. While these metric tools are useful, they vary in their usage based on the industry. It is good to be on the lookout for new tools that measure clients’ experience. 

Client Understanding

It is expected that law firms are familiar with client behaviors for them to provide them with the goods and/or services that they require. Understanding your clients also means being up-to-date with new trends in the market- both local and international- and your specific industry. Law Firms with a full view of who the clients are and what they require will set themselves apart from their competitors. Getting to know the clients involves collecting data on profitability and touchpoints. It is also pertinent to conduct needs assessment so that products and services are tailored to cater to client demands. Data that accrues from such activities can also be used to guide law firms on how to invest, thereby generating more revenue in the long run.

Promote Employee Employment

A lot of time is wasted when employees result in consulting the senior management on how to solve problems presented to them by clients. The time spent in the consultation process can harm the client experience, hence the need to motivate your team to respond to client demands in efficient and effective ways. The process of getting seasoned staff should commence from the recruitment phase and be instilled as staff continues to interact with clients. Doing so will reduce turnover and elevate client satisfaction immensely.

Structure The Client Experience

This process works to detail a clients’ journey through your law firm. Structuring the experience enables you to see where the issues that require improvement are. It also offers you a chance to amend strategies that do not seem to work. When you endeavor to actualize this plan, you will be surprised at how much growth your law firm will experience. 

Need For Cooperation

There is a growing need for associates and paralegals to work together upon receiving client satisfaction data. A collaboration of these two teams will shed light on the things that work and those that require redefining to attain company growth. Enhancing client experience should be an ongoing process and not merely a one-time affair especially with the growth in technology.


Client experience deserves attention in any law firm. Failure to promote it constantly can put you out of business in no time. For it to improve the growth of law firms, it has to be worked from the management down.

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