Top 10 Articles On Taking The Initiative

By Law Firm Suites - March 14, 2021
Top 10 Articles On Taking The Initiative

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Law Firm Suites has amazing blog content designed to help aspire and establish solo attorneys and small law firms. We’ve gathered the top 10 Law Firm Suites blog articles on the importance of taking the initiative to improve your practice. Take a look and see the benefit of this content.


4 Tips On How To Get More Leads With Facebook Ads

If you’re going trying to build a larger audience and find new leads for your law firm then Facebook ads are something you’ll want to check out. But using them correctly and most efficiently can be tricky. To get this ball rolling, here are four strategies you can use to find leads that don’t require a doctorate in Facebook ads.


How To Make Sure Your Referral Sources Send You Great Leads

Over the past few weeks, my marketing techniques have started to click. Lately, I’ve been getting fantastic leads from some of my frequent referral sources. Having a steady stream of referrals is great, but getting referrals that match your ideal client are even better. In this week’s edition of Things I Wish I Knew, New York solo lawyer Joleena Louis gives her top tips for making sure your referral sources are sending you great leads.


Closing The Deal: How To Convert Leads Into Paying Clients [Infographic]

There’s nothing more important to the success of your law firm than closing a deal – converting a lead into a paying and happy client. While it’s crucial to focus on continued personal and professional growth, create engaging marketing materials, exchange warm emails, and conduct successful calls and consultations, at the end of the day every lawyer needs to know how to turn leads into clients or their practice cannot survive. Use this infographic to learn about 12 different sales techniques that will help you to close more deals and get more clients.


Your Biggest Mistake When Converting Law Firm Leads Into Clients

Client matters take up most of your time, plus you have the “business” of your practice to run. In between it all, if you don’t find time for marketing your pipeline of new business will run dry. It’s the classic conundrum that self-employed lawyers face every day. So you’re out there hustling for new business, but you’re not converting as many leads into clients as you would like. Here’s the biggest mistake lawyers make. 


How Many Leads Do You Convert?

By improving your shared office space in New York law firm’s conversion rate, you can quickly increase revenues without spending a dime on additional marketing campaigns. Stephen Fairley, one of the nation’s legal marketing consultants and the president of The Rainmaker Institute advised that there are several key performance indicators every lawyer should know about their practice and one of the more important is your conversion rate.


Decorating Your Shared Law Office Space With Interesting Items Leads To Referrals

Decorate your space shared law office space with interesting items. They are conversation starters that can lead to long-lasting referral relationships. Just as your shared law office space should be designed to serve as both a place to accomplish your work and a referral marketing tool, your office décor should pull double-duty as well. Decorating your office is extremely important. It is another aspect of your “visual resume.”


Lawyers Working In An Office Are Getting Ahead Of Their Competition And Here’s Why

Discover several perks (many of which you’ve probably never even thought of) that come with operating a law firm within a lawyer-focused office suite. It’s not uncommon for new solo or small firm lawyers to work remotely, using virtual offices for their professional business addresses while actually working from home or a coworking space. But at the same time, lawyers who work in an office or shared workspace definitely appreciate the subtle benefits of working in the same place as other lawyers and professionals. Which leads to the question, if it’s available, why would anyone choose not to work in an environment that is going to help accelerate your firm’s success?


4 Actionable Tips That Will Instantly Make Your Practice More Efficient

Of all the challenges solo law firms face, perhaps time management is the hardest to handle. After all, solo lawyers run their own show, from the actual practice of law to marketing and constantly answering the phone. Wearing so many hats requires finesse and organizational skills which may not come naturally. If you are able to run your practice efficiently, then you are essentially setting yourself up for success. Giving your practice the best odds to succeed. Follow this article to learn about four tips that will help keep overhead low and efficiency high.


Simple Website Tweaks That Actually Bring In Business

Your website might look pretty and have cool animations, but if it doesn’t convert visiting leads into paying clients then it’s nothing more than a waste of time and money. What you need is intriguing and enticing copy displayed all over your website that catches the attention and peaks the interest of your visiting potential clients. To help ensure your website performs to its highest potential, follow these five simple tips.


How I Find Clients By Giving Away Information For Free

One of the many ways to attract your ideal client is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by giving out as much free information as possible. This marketing technique is also known as content marketing. Content marketing is far more than writing blog posts. It’s the creation and publishing of information, plus the marketing of that information to people who are most likely to read it.


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