Surviving Covid-19: An Attorney’s Tale

By Law Firm Suites - February 23, 2021
Surviving Covid-19: An Attorney’s Tale

This new vlog series gives the ultimate “look under the hood” at solo & small law practices that used COVID downtime to set themselves up for explosive revenue growth in 2021.

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  1. Immigration Attorney: 2021 Will Be My Most Profitable Year Ever – Immigration attorney Amanda Shaffer, with The Shapiro Law Firm LLC, used COVID lockdowns to hone marketing skills and cement relationships with clients, and her firm is on track to have its best year ever.
  2. Solo Optimizes Cases and Builds Better Client Relationships During Lockdowns – COVID lockdowns were a rare opportunity for ordinarily busy solo lawyers to build deeper relationships with clients, referral sources and family, and to optimize cases for success. Plaintiffs’ attorney, Robert Washuta, utilized the new-found time to do just that.
  3. COVID Was the Opportunity I Needed To Grow My Firm: Divorce Attorney – “Virtual” divorce and family law attorney, Joleena Louis, used quarantine downtime to hone new skills and expand her practice areas to catapult her firm into a prosperous 2021.
  4. How T&E Solo Grew Income by 25% During COVID – At the outset of COVID lockdowns, solo attorney, Thomas Chu, made swift changes to his trusts and estates practice that resulted in a 25% boost in income. Learn how he did it in this video interview.

Under normal circumstances, solo and small firm law practice can be a lonely affair. With social distancing, lockdowns, and more, it’s become even more so. 

Lawyers who work in bigger firms have the benefit of witnessing successful techniques and innovations (legal, business, marketing) of colleagues in the firm and adopting those strategies to enhance their own skills. 

In the absence of a built-in opportunity to borrow good ideas from peers, small firm lawyers must seek out alternatives. But as we all know, in 2020, many of the channels used by solos got turned on its head. 

As practitioners re-emerge from their lairs, we’re finding that some lawyers used their unplanned downtime to pivot practices and set themselves up for amazing results in 2021 — career-defining results. 

We wanted to provide you with the ultimate “look under the hood” at these practices; a rare glimpse into what worked for these lawyers and what didn’t.

Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing podcast-style interviews with some of these attorneys in a new series called “Surviving Covid-19: An Attorney’s Tale”.

With the Covid-19 pandemic constantly looming overhead, a lot of attorneys felt alone and unsettled, asking the same questions: What about our pending cases? Will the courts ever reopen? How will we meet with clients? Is networking even feasible? 

The attorneys featured in this new series felt the same way, but they also saw the challenge as an opportunity to rebrand, reorganize, and reestablish who they are in the community. 

Here are some highlights we’ll be covering:

  • How the use of social media has enhanced practice reach
  • How marketing yourself is crucial
  • Finding community within your community
  • Understanding the drive behind the practice

Tune in starting Tuesday, March 2, 2021, to see how your community members have survived and grown! 

One more thing: would improving your networking profile with thousands of other small firm lawyers be a boost to your incoming referral potential? Share your own amazing story with the Law Firm Suites’ content team. Email Megan Hunt at [email protected].


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