7 Ways To Manage Productivity During Stressful Times

By Law Firm Suites - January 15, 2021
7 Ways To Manage Productivity During Stressful Times

Staying productive in today’s social and work climate can be very stressful. Most of us are still working from home battling the struggle between work and online shopping, work and binge-watching shows on Netflix, juggling our children and zoom meetings, or even searching WebMD for the signs of Coronavirus and checking KPI reports. Let’s face it…you’re stressed out and distracted! No one is here to judge you but there is hope; here are some tips on how to stay productive during these stressful times.

Utilize Your Virtual Office

If traveling into the office is still worrisome for you try to find yourself a virtual office service. If you happen to be so lucky to already be apart of a community, like Law Firm Suites, then utilizing their virtual office benefits is critical. Your office staff can and will be a big help whether you’re in the office or working from home. Ask your office team about the benefits of mail forwarding and mail scanning services, this way you’re able to still be productive without the stress of traveling into the office. 

Use Your Distractions To Your Advantage

Staying on top of the news without becoming overwhelmed is a chore! So instead of letting CNN or NBC drive you insane use them as guides to help usher information to your community or network of attorneys. The staff at your shared office space will truly be grateful for any additional information that might be found that can help them create a space that is completely safe for you or your colleagues.

A big distraction that could be a blessing is working from home with your children present. Utilize this time at home to bond with your family. Set up workstations that are conducive to your needs and your children’s needs. Working from home with kids doesn’t have to be hell it can be a breath of fresh air. 

Plan Your Day

Having a structured day is essential to staying productive in stressful times. Try to operate in your home as if you are still commuting into your physical office. Wake up early and establish the flow of your day by setting alarms and reminders of tasks that need to be done at specific times and adhere to them. Even schedule your breaks so you can avoid burning out midday.  If you are traveling into the office creating a schedule is still key. Try staggering your commute times, so you aren’t in the office when it’s super busy or on the trains during rush hour. 

Motivate Yourself And Your Team

Do not let the current pandemic stunt your drive and determination. Set your goals and meet them! Plan that virtual gathering with your employees and enjoy it! Staying motivated during stressful times is a huge driving force. If you need some tips on how to properly motivate your staff take a look at this article. 

Be Thankful for the Simpler Times

Realizing that life won’t always be like this is a great motivator for staying productive. At some point, you will be able to safely return to the office and dive back into the flow of how you ideally want your day to be, until then remember how life was before the pandemic and anticipate how it will be in the future. Anticipation does not always mean anxiousness, we strongly recommend some self-care routines to keep your anxiety down. If you begin to prep your workflow for the future you will be a step ahead of the fold.  

Reorganize Your Space

Feng shui doesn’t just apply to entire rooms, it can also refer to a particular space. Whether you’re working from your home or you’re in your actual office, it’s important to have a space that is organized and functional to your needs.  It doesn’t take a lot to turn your workspace into an area that’s just what you need. 

Declutter your Brain

Mental health is essential. You will remain 100% unproductive if you aren’t taking care of yourself, mentally. Take time out of your day to meditate, exercise, and even focus on something other than work and you will begin to see a change in how productive you are. Inc.com has a wonderful video article on great tips for remaining productive when your brain is overloaded, check it out for great tips.

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