7 Ways To Master Self-Discipline As a Solo Attorney

By Law Firm Suites - November 6, 2020
7 Ways To Master Self-Discipline As a Solo Attorney

Self-disciplined attorneys have the resourcefulness to solve their problems in one way or another. Without self-discipline, your solo or small practice will never reach its full potential. Follow these tips to make sure your practice succeeds.


If You Will It…It WILL Get Done.

Willpower is not something that you either have or don’t have. It may come more naturally to some, but it is a behavior that can be practiced and learned. Try to think of willpower as a muscle; the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes. It feels natural to go with your impulses but do not make a habit out of it. The truth is sometimes the strongest people suffer from a lack of willpower and that’s because it’s simply human nature. If you believe you have a limited amount of willpower, you probably won’t surpass those limits. Your internal conception of willpower can determine how self-controlled you are. Here’s an interesting article on how to strengthen willpower. 


Avoid Distractions.

Today’s current work climate has changed a lot. Either you’re working from your home or are at the office but suffering from slow workflows. It’s harder than ever to stay focused on even the simplest of tasks. If you want to prioritize and successfully execute your productivity at work or improve the management of your To-Do’s, turning off social media notifications and silencing your cell phone, is an important step. Steve Jobs invented the “Do Not Disturb” button for a reason because when your distractions are out of sight then they are out of mind! Here are some simple ways to stay focused at work and while working from home


Embrace Your Strengths and Tackle Your Weaknesses.

Being self-aware is very important in gaining self-discipline. Being aware of your weaknesses is essential, and let’s face it we all have them. Whether they’re the desire for unhealthy food, avoidance of tough conversations, a new show on Netflix, smoke breaks, or an obsession over social media, we all have something that tempts us.  Weaknesses don’t just come in the form of areas where we lack self-control either. Being self-aware is a powerful tool, it requires you to focus on your shortcomings and pushes you to effective ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths. 


Set Realistic Goals And Accomplish Them.

Setting realistic and attainable goals are big deals when trying to establish strong self-discipline. Oftentimes we set goals for ourselves that are way too optimistic. It’s great to have ambition but you also have to be realistic about what you are capable of doing in a specific time frame. Also, remember to prioritize! Having a clear plan for executing your goals establishes a clear outline of what you need to accomplish during your day to day work life.


Get Uncomfortable.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is important to gaining self-discipline. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable, it’s all a part of the growth process. For instance, a goldfish will only grow as big as the tank they reside in. This also applies to you. If you spend all of your efforts stuck in one place or doing things one way, then you are doing yourself an injustice by limiting yourself. It’s honestly weird to step out of your comfort zone but it’s extremely necessary for personal growth. Here are some cool examples of successful ways to step out of your comfort zone. 


Practice Practice Practice.

Self-discipline is a learned behavior; it requires practice and repetition in order to be mastered. Just like any skill, you have to cultivate it in order to become better, this is the same for self-discipline. Here are some exercises you can implement daily in order to gain self-discipline. 


Forgive Yourself.

Stumbling blocks are inevitable no matter how good you are at your practice. It’s naive and unrealistic to think that everything will run perfectly at all times. When you have these types of expectations, it causes unnecessary stress on yourself and the people around you. So when you are faced with failure, urge yourself to keep pushing forward. It’s imperative to learn to celebrate your victories and even your failures because you ultimately learn more from your failures. So don’t let yourself get wrapped up in frustration when things don’t pan out as planned.

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